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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

 do you accept partnerships with cities in spain

i do some research for the american international school in barcelona where every student does a service learning project
i can introduce you to marta vernet who heads this work where 11th and 12th graders in particular aim to do sdg work abroad using their multilingual capabilities and unique connections. we met at two of the wise global educational laureates summits

i have introduced her to the former president of ecuador who is a mover and shaker of cop summits and whose colleague was last years head of the un general assembly

i first came to admire barcelona while doing research for the european union - it won knowledge city of the year award

i believe that while most schools have to zoom the opportunity to multiply your wonderful program internationally is unique and so urgently needed by youth

dear project cities team, asu global

we are currently surveying multiple dual language schools having connected with francis jaumont author on this subject and attached to the french mission in new york

if cop26 goes ahead in nov 2021 i will be pulling out all the stops to connect my home town and adam smith alumni with like minded movements

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