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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

#br6 invitations europe geneva austria glasgow

 ed you may remember we met at unctad aug 2019 summit rehearsing climate before unga 74

can i intro you to zasheem - out of glasgow he and i may be in a similar position to you

from 2008 we tried to launch a journal of asian women empowerment /sdg economics
we chose our  first partner nobel laureate muhammad yunus- zasheem arranged both for him to give the 250th anniversary speech of adam smith moral sentiments community economics at glasgow university and for glasgow number 1 trainer of nurses to go to dhaka for 4 years to help start nearly free nursing college chaired on by people like princess anne while prince charles believed yunus was at the epicentre of village solar

anyhow yunus went into a politics war and lost all his freedom to startup  anything in bangladesh villages- we have moved off to sir fazle abed whose 50 years in bangladesh vilages connected world largest ngo partnerships incluing bill gates and jack ma on digital cash and james grant, gates, jim kim on microhealth

zasheem has been planning how  can everyone scaling community susaining solutions collaborate/ reconnect youth at cop26- he has the glasgow university union building -capacity 750+ people -  for the middle saturday nov 6 of cop26; we need to circulate youth sdg journalism at cop26 and in before/after zooms connecting any other youth sdg city/summit of which geneva is top ranked and 2021 will be the most critical post-covid year if there s to be hope for 2020s being the most exciting decadet for youth to be alive

but we dont have funds over above minimum coming from those already doing things in glasgow

anyhow do you think we could brainstorm by email whatsapp zoom - my whatsapp is +1 240 316 8157

sincerely chris macrae
ps we know which adam smith and other scottsh/irish economists support us- eg glasgow university hosted a remembrance party to my father the economist's norman macrae in 2012 and some new norman macrae events are rolling out in 2021- eg japan where he was awarded the equivalent of a knightood by the japanese emperor's family is only just translating my fathers bio of john von neumann who started both the moon race and the artificial intel network race - today the itu in geneva is open source more #aifor sdgs slutions than anywhere o mother earth

we will be interning a glasgow university student from each nation to attend zooms during the year starting with ban ki moons climate summit in late january  CAS 2021 | Climate Adaptation Summit 2021

if you are particularly interested in eg german/french/swiss speaking students we could try and match glasgow university students from those countries with your youth correspondents at global geneva