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Thursday, June 3, 2021


the british broadcasting corporation -probably theworld's largest social business ever funded by eopes

has failed sustainability's main purpose at least 10 times since i started wotk as ma in stats on media in 1976- from using a pervery to promote youth's top of the pops to letting tony blair censor its questioning on non-existent chemical weapons- we have therefore had 2 decades of wrongly targete wars, this has created failed nations all around the eu borders -so caused brexit - which are designed to make ever more refugees

i have a lot more notes to share but here is a simple task - over the next 6 weeks every journailst who mentions wimbledon tennis should question why hasnt the whole grand slam board resigned

everyone who grew up with tennis- i am biassed as a wimbledonian - must value naomi osaka's purpose as more sustainable for tennis than youth than these sustainably ignorant grand slammers

after firing themselves they could also apologise to those royal families who care about tenni purpose

as for any bbc journalist who does not tak up ths isse now- then they should be grilled by david attenborough and prince charles and demoted from journalism for life unless their apologies are sincere- end fake media and fake newscatersnow