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Tuesday, January 31, 1984

glasgow josb.city join 10th year since launch by adam smith scholars of journal of 21st c economics and moral focus on sustainability generation exponentials and 38th year of the economist book on sustainability deadlines 2025report.com -dedicated to 20 million diaspora scots and irish as well as those whom london's empire era colonised within our 2 islands -join youth movements cop26 nov2021

 chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk writes: in 1984 we first published www.2025report.com  with norman macrae sub-editor of the economist- what if parents valued kids enough to co-create the first sustainability generation by 2025? 

lessons to add to matt ridley's obituary of macrae

norman foresaw 2 opposite futures with little systematically spinning in between - 2025 report focused on actioning positive networks- asked any journalist who worked with him to focus on optimistic questioning and loving diversity of peoples and places- he was well aware that media and systems could spiral the exact opposite- for example hitler's hatred was spread because he had monopoly use of audio recorders that propagated bad messages endlessly while his opponents had to make each radio speech live

norman had served as a teenager in allied bomber command stationed in modern-day myanmar- he was desperately sad to see how much poverty existed across two thirds of human race living in continental rural asia - a "systems" consequence of how both british and japanese empires had ruled the ocean waves

when norman macrae died. glasgow university friends helped us to launch the journal of social business dedicated to norman's rural keynessianism heriones - asian village mothers and those educators, engineers and economist who helped them commubnity build nations

economistdiary.com - 2021 is our37th annual countdown year - we don't know where humans will first come back to celebrate real relationships but we'll dream that glasgow cop26 may be part of the party- 260 years after james watt and adam smith started mapping who'll use machines for what -see or zoom with you in 2021 particularly at glasgow university union saturday nov 6 -chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk


ps my father was also the biographer of john von neumann - he  believed that the 2020s would be the decade that determined the sustainabilty of the human race- who would help they younger half of the world humanise artificial intel -our search continues eg with the games of worldrecordjobs.com

does your city have an editorial council who shares our dreams and civic engagement actions with youth rsp chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

10 readings from 10 years of journal on new economics edited by adam smith scholas inspred by bottom billion asian girls community empowered solutions

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excerpts from journal of social business volum 1 now in its 10th year of being edited by adam smith scholars

volume1no.1 jan 2011 p219

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Monday, January 30, 1984

Journal of Social Business Volume 1, No. 1 Jan 2011    page 27 
continuing Adam Smith: Science and Human Nature by Professor Skinner

Saturday, January 14, 1984

year 37 2025report.com what if education will determine species sustainability

31 december 2020

 download origin report at www.2025report.com

circulation list 1 future of university coalitions valuing youth as sd generation

hello attached-  i thought you might like to see what i believe to be the last report on universities in developing countries published by sir fazle abed- i'd happily be corrected if there is something after spring 2018 -when i was making my 15th visit to bangladesh summer 2018, we had prepared to do an update audit of abed archives  with jack ma's lead professor at tsinghua visiting brac for a week in november 2018 but events transpired against that

you may know that patrick is the only wise laureate focused entirely on university - out of ghana and originally as a masters project at berkeley embracing such challenges as what does a continent doubling population by 2050 do about education

wise led by the first lady of qatar began as a celebration around supporters of abed though for reasons unclear to me wise barely discussed university with abed; of course back at the start of the 2010s qatar foundation was the un recognised partner hub for refugee education- so had a lot on its minds

only last month did the end of the "siege" of qatar start to reunite the wonderful education and artificial intel contributions with the rest of the uae with dubai in particular being a strong supporter of un #aiforgood- my understanding is my scottish compatriot gordon brown the most central assembler of new networks of education around the un has gone ahead and declared a dubai dec 2021 summit the largest on education ever- this is partnered by the delayed expo

i first met dominic regester then education lead at uk embassy in dhaka in 2009 when brac and grameen directors were invited to meet each other - something abed always helped promote but yunus not so much- these days dominic regester is education lead at global salzburg which has been the main sponsor of 3 virtual wise summits in 2020

whilst i dont fully understand the first year since sir fazle death regarding the future of the 7 main partnerships which make brac the largest ngo collaboration economic model, vincent leads brac university - all three of brac, ashesi, tufts/talloires are deep sdg-driven members of the george soros 50 college coalition Open Society University Network

although sir fazle abed's alma mater is adam smiths glasgow university, reports from my family's home capital show the informal networks built since 2008 championing bangladesh women empowerment solutions in glasgow are so far miles ahead in planning cop26 celebrations than the formal one - our journal of social business bard to be or not to be ; hg wells civilisation = race between education & catastrophe is in its 9th year chartering the demand for sharing the bangladesh economic model wherever sustainability of students is valued out of britain and in exchanges briitish students are free to connect -  since brexit we  have been thrown out of erasmus but aim to celebrate turing 

italy is co-hosting cop26 and its citizen engagement g20 networks look the strongest for 5 years; moreover,  with g20 concluding a few days before glasgow start up-uk's hosting of g7 is much less clear as yet- the first of an exciting series of climate zooms is being hosted in 12 days by netherlands and ban-ki moon CAS 2021 | Climate Adaptation Summit 2021

best to all in 2021
chris macrae washington dc region +1 240 316 8157

eg can melbourne help save dc and trust in english speaking health/democracy

george beyond wash dc capital of hatred spreading - a lot has happened in the last 13 months not just with the global news coverage of covid and the end of trump, as well as trump's firing of jim kim 3 years ago -which matters to real time diaries because kim was the only connector of the silos of info flow that exist between biden, harris, obama, clinton  .. other "demos"- whenever there are operational silos between these storytellers sponsors its always developmemnt of the bottom billion womens lives that suffers probably terminally so if we dont share intel on vaccine mapping now

when sir fazle abed - builder of the largest ngo coalition in the world died dec 2019, brac had essentially morphed into 7 subnetworks which young journalists and i have kept notes on during 15 visits to dhaka since 2007

for me the pivotal one is the new university coalition which abeds talked about with every ambassador since 2011 having first spent 10 years being helped by gates',  george soros and jim kim and originally james grant and the epidemiologist who led swarthmore built the world's epicentre of learning on diarrhea and cholera research and rural immunization programs- if universities fail to support the bottom billion womens economy linked in with life long experiential learning of last mile community sdg servants without putting them in debt then lets give up on our species, nature certainly will

the australian question is why isnt monash a partner of this coalition? if that question interests you and other leaders of monash health and reconciliation please tell me so i can introduce you to the vice chancellor

when it comes to india 3 days ago modi announced that  astra zeneca and other vaccines that dont need unusual cold storage will make or break india; i have several friends in india who are alarmed by racial divides which modi has so far stoked not alleviated; i also attended at windsor castle retreat in 2015 a deep learning heatlh summit with the president of welcome (the gates of uk) the indian sam pitroda who first brought affordable mobiles to rural india and so forth - back in 2003/4 india was crucial to pauls/monashs' building of global reconciliation network- he hosted a summit with 1000 gandhians in delhi if you do still chat to paul now is the time to linkin all indian village knowledge; and cop26 in november wont just be a green summit- glasgow trains more nih nurses than anywhere; friends and i have 13 years experience of building adam smith youth scholars connections out of glasgow and with bangladesh

there is a huge danger that londons moderation of g7 this year will be misused- with india, australia korea joining the 7 together with the eu- astra zeneca everywhere could be the main case but the absurd eu-french hatred caused by brexit and the chances that harris/biden will have south asia top of their mind are not high

meanwhile what makes brac complicated as the deep learning and womens economic model- while fazle abed held the 7 moving parts together- nobody can do that now unless the university does

to see why you need to map the 7 moving parts- roughly speaking these are

1 first http://www.kash.com - in terms of population this is the largest cashless ban in world- originally built by mit and dubai using mpesa and blackberry 2g mobile it is now also the investment of bill and melinda gates and jack ma- all 3 inform guterres on digital finance- none of the tech upgrades are done in bangladesh though the operations are

2 brac also runs the largest city bank for small enterprise- this systems model has also needed its own operations done separately from the fieldwork headquarters which was where sir fazle office was and so where most international visitors started and ended

3 the head office runs the 100000 peoples work in the field - about 20 microfranchises which feed bangladesh as well as silk and arts/crafts that contribute to village economy; people who visit brac as operator of 60000 schools microfranchises primary and pre-primary also go to this hq though this model which originated with adapting gandhi-montessori leaves the university to work out where edutech is connecting - the interest of tencent hong kongs education foundation when it was last big prize to abed

3a sir fazle son shameran bridges all the separated financial services of brac

4 from 2001 those who encouraged abed to go global set up 2 international offices- the hq in the netherlands becuase a bangladesh registed ngo can only fundraise for bangladesh work and partnership in new york with medical school at columbia university which wanted to be in the middle of the core diarrhea, immunisation/tb solutions abed had scaled and which george soros keeo an eye on- meanwhile the dutch international office did 2 things; it helped developed remittance affordable models into bangladesh- one third of foreign exchange earned by bangladesh is remittances; it coordinated the 10 international nation building partnerships of brac- in africa these split into 3 main groups i am aware of:
posr genocide nations like liberia; it was because soros had sponsored brac in sieerra leone/liberia that when ebola came last mile health networks could be identified by jim kim and medecins sans frontiere

5 teenage girl livelihood clubs- this is mastercard foubdations main thing especially in uganda; its about peer to peer livelihoods- eg training to be in hairdressing or manicures etc; there is no reason why a partner for peer to peer health shouldnt be formed; in fact the director of mastercard foundation is a tufts alumni- tufts is the american leaders in worldwide student exchanges and what universities in usa call civic engagement- the belated ubnderstanding that important universities need to also do community building in big cities they were founded in- for reasons i dont understand john hopkins hasnt yet understood civic engagement in dc/baltimore- its not really helping with vaccine rollout- its position as world auditor of cases is due to the accident that a chinese graduated started doing the counting- leana knows much more about baltimore and dc universities than i do- did you stay for each others speeches at the world bank yout summit kim hosted

6 abed gave away control of ultra poor program now franchised to 8 nations- ir provides grants stipends to the 10% very poorest who cant use microfinance until two years of intensive training and market connecting is built around them- for some reason the academics who did the paired tests proving this entrepreneurial revolution in  aid could transfer across nations got the 2019 nobel prize for economics for harvard/mit

7 this leaves the university both to unite all of the above and interface with the refugee education networks which these days gordon brown connects across the un with at least 3 named subnetworks - his wifes youth movement theirworld ; the qatar foubdation http://www.educationaboveall.org; when trump divided qatar from rest of uae brown reassigned mot un refugee partnerships to http://www.educaionaboveall.org- this is manly funded out of dubai and is teaming u with uae expo

even this composition does not explain how different nations see brac- at one time pauls daughter was well connected with japan; when my father died the japan embassy hosted 2 events with fazle abed connecting what glasgow and japan searched through adbed networks; obviously in terms of cultural reconciliation - uk japan netherlands bear the most responsibility for how two thirds of humans on asian continent were mainly left out of electricity grids and first 200 years of scotlands machines and humans begun round wat/smith 1760s - so although usa has become global policeman across asia its ability to reconcile cultures has always been low except where british commonwealth and american politics comes together- hell knows what humans will suffer if astra zeneca vaccine distribution doesnt scale across south asia in next 12 months; it could be the most exciting economics case study in november cop26 since adam smith himself?

scots at glasgow university together with bangladeshi diaspora  are in their 10th year of diarising these stories in a journal- while it has published over 25 issues the people who ran microcreditsummit for 20 years first said they would support journal diffusion then when muhammad yunus lost his bank let him monetise all sorts of fake advocacy instead of curriculum building

sincerely chris macrae  journal  mobile /whats app wash dc +1 240 316 8157

Tuesday, January 3, 1984

Chapter 6 By 2005 the gap in incomes and expectations of rich and poor nations was recognised to be man's most dangerous problem.
When Norman Macrae died in 2010, we made this retrospective review of opportunities won and lost by the way global commns tech has been designed versus his sustainability timelines published in the 1984 book "The 2025 Report". This became one of 2 handouts at remembrance parties (here is the other)

Over the 24 months of 2014-2015 we will be reporting connections between youth summits wherever we can linkin and assemble micro-wikis around the above issues - you can help us here: Googledoc the most collaborative 24 month race youth have played
:KHAN ac why just one charity instead of 2% of edu budget
BRAC Abed, why not every ngo like brac
,SABlecher what pappened to africa's new uni and cas awuah ghana take up baton
MITtbl why not 2 webs learning web taken over by sales webs- how do we get back to neumanns ai labs now moores law has delivered trillion times more than needed to code moon landing
LUCKNOWGandhi why doesnt every dev world scholl benchamr lucknow
ChinaMa -second only to abed as teacher and market maker?
NZDryden -longest experients in flipping classroom
MEDIALAB Negropronte nowhere is quite as exciting asmit for sq mile walk into future of human innovation -but why not 
COURSEra Koller Ng why not c for collaboration in mooc
1 PEACE CURRICULUM  Was it a mistake for a book, whose main economic recommendation was that open education would be the net generation's greatest ever entrepreneurial freedom to start with valuing how to network peace?
Timing is everything in mediating transformation in worldwide  system futures. Norman Macrae argued that 1984 was the greatest opportunity since world war 2 for citizens to vote against governments spending (through tax) a fifth of all their lives on arms. 
 None of Norman Macrae's obituary writers at The Economist or elsewhere understood Norman's timeline: spending his youth in parts of Europe ruled over by stalin or hitler, spending his last days as a teenager navigating raf planes over modern day Bangladesh and Myanmar, going up to Cambridge to be mentored by keynes that the number 1 system design job of economist is to end hunger and that youth should never let those in power divorce the future compounding disciplines of economics and peace
 APC1.3 Ironically all those readers and investors in the entrepreneurial revolution curriculum which Norman spent 40 years editing The Economist from number 3 weekly uk journal to one of a kind global viewspaper understood how the search for peace was embedded in all his major surveys: as the only journalist to be at the founding of the EU, as the journalist who believed the deviation of the BBC fgrom world service was the greatest missed opportunity in mass media, as the journalist who cheered on Japan as the most value multiplying nation of 1962 and asia pacific worldwide youth region liberating china as the turn of the millenniums greatest opportunity for youth to design collaborative millennium goals and action networks around 
APC1.4 Dismally few of the 21st C most famous economist understand the curriculum of economics that Keynes mentored his alumni including Norman on:1 the core job of the economists is to back whatever system designs she or he believes will help the human race unite to end poverty ( see the last Keynes last essay on persuasion); see also last 3 pages of Keynes general theory on why youth's greatest enemy is a particular type of elderly academic economist who is most prone to pad his pension with funding from big governments on industry sectors that have lost that purpose which has most relevance to producing future livelihoods.

Sunday, January 1, 1984

 dear professor brunori

i note that we both support content for joumal of social business which zasheem ahmed and i tried to launch from 2008 round the view that adam smith would celebrate women empowerment economic solutions of the sort that bangladesh's deepest partners have developed over 50 years

- i have taken young journalists to bangladesh 15 times since 2007 and hope we now know the differences in markets such as health, food security, education, technology for the poor-  between deep microfinance and that which gets taken over by big finance

my father norman macrae life's work tried to unite east and west in ending poverty and celebrating empowering uses of technology- he always preferred bottom up but large scale models for celebrating small enterprise networking not big organisational systems per se- in fact his 1976 survey in the economist was translated and celebrated by romano prodi- italy like scotland has connected many deeply cultural solutions benefiting communities and families everywhere

2021 seems to me to be the most urgent year of my lifetime so i am having a go at assembling people from every major city who value franciscan and youth civic engagement

calendarwise, i believe that inter alia 
un76 september ny
rome g20
glasgow cop26
dubai/uae expo dec
can connect continuous solutions/ momentum to return to human sustainability

in 1984 i co-authored http://www.2025report.com with dad - as well as timelining sustainability goals we argued that how edutech continuously changed education would be the deepest determinant of good livelihoods and millennials being the sdg generation

i am doing various research for coalitions of new universities inspired by the economic development models that bottom billions youth need

i would like to find out whether our networks could focus on any spefific supporting actions in 2021 and i am especially interested to connect with franciscans - it was paulo friere that inspired bangladesh village empowerment action learning; i did travel to the vatican including http://www.premiosciacca.it  twice in 2015 to try to understand whether any usa universities wanted to help change curricula in line with pope francis encyclicals as well as the launch of sdgs - the reality in usa is universities economic and quantitative professional models are very difficult to change - but if there is ever going to happen then leaping forward from covid and truly transforming to green and reinvesting more in youth and less h arms needs to be 201's contribution to history

sincerely chris macrae whatsapp/mobile +1 240 316 8157 washington dc