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Monday, January 4, 2016

youth Exchange 2 -hoped for eta chinese millennials lead middle east and new york milennians back to sustainability friendships - if not hopefully china will relocate 21st C UN

contact chris macrae washington dc 240 316 8157 if you have reason to join in these 5 bravest hosts of sustainability I expect I will ever know  -also see initial top 12 open space agendas of the yera premir at http://globalgrameen.ning.com 

joanne, hiro youth exchange china brooklyn middle east tokyo -joann wanted to add you in from brooklyn, hiro from tokyo- yuxuan writes this from 2 months in qatar connecting wise alumni ------ Hi Chris. Happy New Year! Yes I am still with WISE, but not as intern, but more like a youth ambassador on education representing China. Will work on developing sustainable educational models with amazing talented individuals from 29 other countries this week. ,, yuxuan just graduated in english lit from tsingua university beijing- what with amy's open space china these 2 ladies can map many social and educational tipping points. They are also both alumni of the 100 nation creative children network that celebrated its 20th year in dc july 2015 -amys first visit abroad. Hiro and mostofa know who in middle east has sponsored most of development labs at MIT boston relevant to the region's integration with rest of the world. The first WISE summit 5 years ago celebrated my friends sir fazle abed in dhaka - whose work goes way beyond yunus in building the most collaborative ngo in the world. The whole story of bangladesh as 100+ million nation built by world's poorest rural women links back to s. americas of the 1960s whose preferential option poor models both yunus and abed adopted as they were founding grameen and brac. Wonder if there are other NY agencies who might understand what the 5 of you could empower youth to exchange sans frontieres. Your flows and 2016 sustainability tipping points will not be seen again. Happy new year everyone.

alos can you help youth with sustainability goals 17 coursera wikis

1 poverty
2 hunger
3 health
6 water

Youth Exchange 1 departs jan 2016 brooklyn new york and silver spring dc to kenya and ethiopia's geatest contributions to sustaining human race

Erastus could i check you have amy's mobile 929321 2149

the weekend j15-17 of open space in new york i need to take my daughter back to college so i am not clear that I will be able to meet you again before kenya- fortunately amy is much better connected on all relevant african flows due to yazmi and her other main washington dc internships to date; open space due to harrison owen and her mutual concerns for social solutions blossoming wherever youth work

this week in new york friends and I are doing everything we can to make sure new york coding people like kiehl, marinez and cash know your interests and potential to connect with ihub - they also have a lot of events and mobile launches coming up
john hosts 5 days of apps and maths coders workshops at MIT last week of january

his musical friends around the world are due to launch an app that mashes up 100 countries rhythms (i dont understand how) but in an attempt to create a universal song and dance of joy which it was rumored they wanted to launch when berkeley hosts clinton universuity at start of april

desire to set up fablabs in the region ,,,,

amy and I are still working hard to linkin berkeley with new york and in particular give directly that started in berkeley but is now headquartered in new york - if we are right give directly is the biggest app empowering youth to be at the epicentre of youth future development instead of trickle down bottom

also critical to linkin from kenya side is unhabitat as its headquartered in kenya, has lead responsibility for goal 11 sustainable communities and cities-  this is the goal that every new yorker i have met finds simplest to start connecting youth with and then through to every other goal

GiveDirectly: Send money to the extreme poor


Hear from Stewart, who last month visited GiveDirectly's operations in Western Kenyawhere he spoke with GiveDirectly staff and recipients in person. Then he ...
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Frequently Asked Questions | GiveDirectly


Why do you operate in Kenya and Uganda? We chose these countries because both have large populations living in extreme poverty and yet are reachable ...
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GiveDirectly | GiveWell

www.givewell.org › ... › Top-rated international aid charities

Nov 12, 2015 - While GiveDirectly has one major RCT of its activities in Kenya, ..... develops software that NGOs and developing-country governments can use ...

Pennies from heaven | The Economist


The Economist
Oct 26, 2013 - Then Google and other donors contributed money to Give Directly, ... Projects such as Give Directly in Kenya are the latest elaboration of these ideas. ..... print, on Economist.com or via our apps for a range of mobile devices.

The MEC School of Business Is committed to organizing an academic conference in collaboration with ENS Global (Escuela De Negocios Sociales) that will encourage a student and faculty exploration of social enterprise corporations and how these entities may apply commercial strategies that maximize improvement in human development and environmental well being. A particular emphasis of this conference will concern how these social enterprise agencies may support sustainable Cities and Communities via the Empowerment of women. Moreover, the conference will explore how social enterprises are collaborating with the United Nations Global Citizenship Program and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

To this end, the conference may be structured to review global trends, best practices and cross border opportunities with other communities (e.g. Chile, Kenya/Ethiopia, United States, China, Rome and Latin America, West Indies) seeking to support  the following sustainable development goals:
        SDG 5: Gender Equality
        SDG 3: Good Health and Wellness
        SDG 4: Quality Education
        SDG 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth
        SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities
        SDG 17:Partnership For the Goals

In keeping with the UN sustainable development goal entitled, Partnership for the Goals (SDG 17) the MEC School of Business will collaborate with many academic units within the MEC academic community including
        Office of Academic Affairs,        Office of International Education
        DuBois-Bunche Center for Public Policy,        MEC EEL
        Center for Women's Development
        Caribbean Research Center
        Center for Black Literature
        Student Development
        Dept. of Environmental Studies 
        Medgar Evers College Education Foundation

Additional International include Co-Sponsors:
           Start Up Africa
Objectives 1:
The conference will be structured to facilitate a comparative analysis of public problems obstructing the human development of women and environmental well being within select communities of the Chile, East Africa, West Indes, Latin America and the United States (e.g.Central Brooklyn).

Objective 2:
The conference will encourage the composition and digital publication of peer reviewed articles (research papers, public policy proposals, expository essays) that are intended to promote solutions aligned with the UN sustainable development goals. These papers will be posted on the DuBois-Bunche Center for Public Policy digital Journal entitled, Just Solutions.

 Objective 3:
The Conference will encourage a student and faculty exploration of global trends, best practices and opportunities intended to advance the UN Global Citizenship Program and 2030 Agenda  for Sustainable Development via the following types of social enterprises:
        non-profit social enterprises
        cooperative enterprises
        Benefit Corporation's (Class B Corporations)
        Community Interest Companies

Objective 4:
The Conference will initiate and sustain an experiential learning initiative intended to co-create a virtual classroom and virtual community linking emerging scholars and NGO leaders who are committed to promoting a study of social enterprises that exemplify best practices throughout  Latin America (Chile) Africa (Kenya), the Caribbean  and the United States (Medgar Evers College, Central Brooklyn). This academic project will be an initiative of the MEC School of Business EEL, the DuBois-Bunche Center for Public Policy and Start Up Africa. This project will originate from the work of the conference and be organized in conjunction with a course entitled, Africa Link: An Exploration of Virtual Pan- Africanism.

Objective 5:
The conference will initiate and sustain two (2) student run collegiate social enterprises linking a cohort of students/ from the Medgar Evers College School of Business, EEL with a cohort of students and/or youth from Kenya and Chile respectively.

Objective 6:
The Medgar Evers College Department of Public Administration in collaboration with the MIT School of Architecture and Planning and The Mondragon University School of Business will initiate and sustain the following:
        An MEC / Mondragon joint undergraduate and graduate degree in cooperative management
        An MEC / MIT joint undergraduate and graduate degree in nonprofit management and sustainable development.
        An MEC / ENSGlobal co creation of a Mooc encouraging student study in the development of social enterprises that promote sustainable cities and communities informed by economic democracy imperatives.

Objective 7:
The conference will celebrate women’s history month while promoting a network and sharing of ideas. Women originating from the developing communities of Chile, Kenya, West Indes and the United States (e.g. Central Brooklyn) who are active in the development and operations of social enterprises will be encouraged to sustain cross border cooperation consistent with the UN sustainability goals.

Proposed Conference Schedule:

9:00am (Tross) Opening Keynote, SDG 5: Gender Equality / Women's History Month

10:00 Coffee Break and network session

10:30 - 11:30 Session two (2)(Bernardo) , Types, Trends and Best Practices: A Global Perspective of Social Enterprises that address sustainable cities and communities via the empowerment of women.__Chris?_________,ENS Global Faculty Moderator

11:30 - 12:30 Session three (3), Presentations of solution driven papers from students and academicians_________,MEC Faculty Moderator

12:30 - 1:30 Break out Lunch with female elected officials (Congresswoman Clarke, Public Advocate James, Councilwoman Barron, Councilwoman Cumbo, Assemblywoman Walker) ___________,Student moderators

1:30 - 2:30 Keynote, UN Global Citizenship and Developmental Goals

2:30 - 3:30  Session four (4), Four separate breakout workshops organized via “Open Space Technology” (OST) to initiate student, faculty and community emergent strategic plan for co creation of social enterprises that address the promotion of SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities via the empowerment of women. Geographic area of focus is Chili, Kenya, Central Brooklyn and Jamaica. These initial plans will be integrated into the experiential pedagogy of the MEC EEL. _______Moderator, Amy

4:30 - 5:30 Session five (5), presentation of preliminary proposals for MEC / MIT joint academic program in nonprofit management and sustainable development (SDG 11:Sustainable Development & SDG 4:Education). Presentation of MEC / Mondragon joint academic program in cooperative management (SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities & SDG 4: Quality Education) _____
5:30 - 6:30 Session six (6). Closing Keynote, SDG 17: Partnership for the Goals