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Monday, January 4, 2016

youth Exchange 2 -hoped for eta chinese millennials lead middle east and new york milennians back to sustainability friendships - if not hopefully china will relocate 21st C UN

contact chris macrae washington dc 240 316 8157 if you have reason to join in these 5 bravest hosts of sustainability I expect I will ever know  -also see initial top 12 open space agendas of the yera premir at http://globalgrameen.ning.com 

joanne, hiro youth exchange china brooklyn middle east tokyo -joann wanted to add you in from brooklyn, hiro from tokyo- yuxuan writes this from 2 months in qatar connecting wise alumni ------ Hi Chris. Happy New Year! Yes I am still with WISE, but not as intern, but more like a youth ambassador on education representing China. Will work on developing sustainable educational models with amazing talented individuals from 29 other countries this week. ,, yuxuan just graduated in english lit from tsingua university beijing- what with amy's open space china these 2 ladies can map many social and educational tipping points. They are also both alumni of the 100 nation creative children network that celebrated its 20th year in dc july 2015 -amys first visit abroad. Hiro and mostofa know who in middle east has sponsored most of development labs at MIT boston relevant to the region's integration with rest of the world. The first WISE summit 5 years ago celebrated my friends sir fazle abed in dhaka - whose work goes way beyond yunus in building the most collaborative ngo in the world. The whole story of bangladesh as 100+ million nation built by world's poorest rural women links back to s. americas of the 1960s whose preferential option poor models both yunus and abed adopted as they were founding grameen and brac. Wonder if there are other NY agencies who might understand what the 5 of you could empower youth to exchange sans frontieres. Your flows and 2016 sustainability tipping points will not be seen again. Happy new year everyone.

alos can you help youth with sustainability goals 17 coursera wikis

1 poverty
2 hunger
3 health
6 water

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