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Friday, December 29, 2006

#br2 #BR6 soros abed osun brac university

 AROUND 2000 - boatona and partners n health pitched george soros his plan to end tb and hiv for the poorest by pitching to the rich that while they no longer bothered about tb they would end aids that did impact them unless they made treating both diseases afforable everywhere

as it turnes out soros had a surprise for kim- he soros was passionate about ending tb in russian prosons where dissidents were loncek up - if kim and farmer would help with that soros would be interested in helping pih move beyond boston-haiti to peru the other lati american country that kim/farmer wanted to reach because their main franciscan/cultural advser in boston was peruvian as well as understand whether pih could establish a netwrk out of africa- soon rwanda was chosen

but soros also asked kim to audit something else - who else was solving botom u- last mile coomunity health services; kim was surprised he found the number 1 solution space in this world was linked initially out of banladesh from 1972 around fazle abed and soon chinese village netwrers whp also wanted to end the killer diseases oof the worlds poorest mothers and villages- the other person who had fuds but was also searching fr bottom up empowerment was the couple bill and melinda gates- so by 2006 all of jimkim paul farmer billand melinda gates and george soros had fund each other; they had also convinced george bust that if his legacy was to have any globally postive goodwill it would be helping world end infectious diseases- how and why this big data problrem lost its focus among america's biggest data tech companies is a different story- what we look at here is what happened to the combined goals of soros and abed 

our diaries from now 15 visits to bangladesh since 207 provide pieces of the jigsaw- not everyone will be hapy with the jigsaw picture we can put together- of course i am delighted to hear if you can show us how tom make a better picture for youth becoming the first sdg generation

well .. it would help a lot if the three of us understood 2 things first- we know something about fazle abeds last 10 years that nobofy else knows but anyone at cop26 believing themselves to be a sustainability champion needs to learn - and what is osun mostpfa you recall that we had a strange intro to brac in 2009. we were guided by tania zaman who had been hired by fazle abed to redesign communications- that is my filed- i have worked bot with the worlds largest ad agencies since 1990 and the largest accountants. a lot of it is not obvious- for example a very silly thing- purple was a good color for bkash if not for brac-possibly the purple bird of freedom of bkash is the single most viewable icon in bangladesh. but anyway our biggest frst lesson came at the 69th birthday party of yunus. he hated us inviting tania and the founder of brac bany to his party. i tried to get all the young people and bbc paul rose to discuss what that meant but they failed to do so- in fact they seemed to be cross with me that yunus had been in too bad a mood to listen to any idea they each tried to pitch; the next day we were shown that hans had aken over yunus- had obliterated the web the 3 worldwide diaspora groups had honestly started; that something was wrong between dipal nd yunus- we could have known then that yunus was in a losing war with hasina so only brac could save the world of poorest women nation building add to that what was learnt 3 years later at the 2 embassy roundtables on the 2 biggest leacies of abed - coalition of universities, digital cash for billion unbanked; nobody really understood those- and only after that did asif first take over abed's daughter and then the whole of the ngo which however was now separate from 1 bkash 2 brac bank 3 other biggest global fnance programs eg ultra and remittance operations 4 the univerity 5 any other biggest partner of abed eg what gates and kim could have desigbed round health. both of you can make your own list on unique solutions that only abed's last 10 years of partnership the years when his global acceleration became 10 times more in capital power as worlds largest ngo partnership size than the whole of the rest of brac. these things need to be shared with youth whether its in prepping cop26 or sharing learning with colleges. but since they are too incredibe to hear unless you have seen how they played out the sharing needs to be audited in to whatevet students are starting up- thats what any real partner university of abed university needs to do. so we come to the question what is osun- a first bookmark is http://opensocietyuniversitynetwork.org/

all reporting or maths errors mine alone chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk wash dc