new - we will be turning this blog into missing curriculum sustainble youth should demand or peer to peer study help us letter write to those who could invest in sustainability of millennials
-help search for top 50 twin capitals of youth futures...........................................................

sampler from creative youth olympiads of summer 2015
Mindset; my first job was with a British version of Khan Academy in 1972; when father, Norman Macrae, at The Economist saw this he changed priority of questions he asked leaders on how they were investing in youth. Spending 4000 times more on global coms tech 2030 versus 1946 would only be sustainable let alone economic if learning was core to every investment in millennials. invites you to join in reporting irreversibility's last chnace to design smartest learning media humans have ever raced around

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

2nd and 3rd languages can be 10 times more affordable to learn

your mother tongue chinese and english - ecah offers a passport to world of learning and livelihoods- peer to peer practice spaces can be connected on web and resl communities making 2nd and 3rd langiages 10 times less costly to learn for everyone who wants to converse with youth worldwide

todays under 30s can only be the sustaoinability generation if they massively share solutions that work and to do that languages are vital

help us map who is doing this

mapping georgraphy of developing economies - aka Belt Road

China and neighbors in east have created more jobs and happy development than anywhere in the last half century - the secret is trading infrastructure - ports and belts: ie rail (road, pipes) that include enterprsies howeevr small, however rural

China's BR curriculum encourages 11 regions (or more) to map what are the biggest missing traidng routes; how to bridge these; allied opportunities such as celebrating border junctions when a (new) railroad links them in - not all infrastructure mapping is expensive- for example several countries collaborated to connect a railway line that frees trade all across eurasia for china to spain - one innovation needed was way to efficeintly unpack contauiners from one train and pack onto another wherever the railway giages chnaged between

for longer term gamechnaing invetsments china has been encouraging the main developing natiosn in ech region to set up new development bank parnerships - it has led te way with aiib as a benchmar of what 80 nations' delegations can co-create ; other new development banking vraches are spreading through every hemisphere the BRICS reach

Jack ma teels the story of how a geography teacher woke him up - she said geography is interesting - go and talk to tourists to see which part of the ouside world they come from and what favorite stories they have of traveling to china- jack spent most of 20 years aged 10 to 30 learning and then teaching english thanks to guiding toursits - and then connecting hundreds of his freinds to coding the greatest job creating webs

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

big data coding for small can be for everyone

some peopel will be coders - and 10 times lest costly ways to practice that are neeed - eg audrey chengs moringa school in kenya- others can help make sure that apps really are small (detailed enough ) to be usable in lefe-shaping exchanges

every teenager shoudl experence jack ma's tgaining of 3000 people- see

Sunday, October 15, 2017

medical friends i trust most say that adolescent peer to peer health curricula are among the biggest missing oportunities- brac led girl empowerment with after school girls clubs when girls learn about femine hygienne, safety, as well as share profesisonal skils like hairdressing

the teenage brain is designed to action learn not sit reading classroom books - for those who love examination classrooms thats fine but we now know that half of all livelihoods will be apprenticed outside the classroom

looking younger to 3rd graders brac is part of a 100 countries who co-s=hare a finacial literacy curriculum originated in an indian orphanage - aftatoun

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Preparation will the education commission 18 september have the greatest pro-youth revolution the UN has ever enjoyed
join and before and after parties text usa 240 316 8157

Rehearsal 1
yesterday in new york we opened space on why does the un not represent half the world - ie youth under 30s - note at the UN if you have an identity your interests are included otherwise by defintion they are excluded from leadership priuority - for half the world to be excluded is careless - more at valuing youth

the east - especially china bangladesh and UAE - seems to give youth a platform to the future in way the UN does not- in start my third trip to beijing exploring this next week - her are some bookmarks that interest me

China leads way on skills education curricula

See the report soon to be launched from WISE by beijing normal university- hopefully a tot topic at un education commission 18 september and at WISE in beijing 5 november and tell us where else
WISE Research #08 - Education for the Future preview image

WISE Research #08 - Education for the Future

The Global Experience of Developing Twenty-first Century Skills and Competencies This report will be released in 2016. In recent years the framework for twenty-first century skills has evolved remarkably and global attention and awareness of the...

Sunday, August 21, 2016

I think we know who at least 35 of these are but what i dont know who we know well is closest to each. Assuming I am able to help gordon browns team with some of their queries i hope this gap gets less and less. For example, when mostofa presents dubai;s first wave of 100 youth awards we could be choosing youth nominated by many of these leaders since the UAE region already hosts the world's most revolutionary education summits

chris  text 240 316 8157
some references
Education Commission Report Launch register for UN summit new york 18 september

As of today Education only gets 8% of global aid

As of today half of all children are being prepared by education to be jobless (without 21st century's most needed skills) Conversations from Oslo: Secretary-General of MEF; Former Min of Tourism, Tunisia, Amel Karboul

Regional Leading Testimonies

United Arab Emirates 
 A child is the centre of every country when it comes to its future –student of computing since 1975, dubai (imside gulf) ports tech 1993, then 2000 dotcom Chief Executive of Tejari, the first Middle Eastern business-to-business marketplace sheikh Lubna Al Qasimi Sheikha Lubna Al Qasimi on Bringing Tolerence to the Middle East | Fortune 

China - Jack Ma testimony