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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

fazle abed was about 200th annual superstar alumni of adam smith scholars- 60 years on searching his economics legacy as education's most joyful curriculum builder?

afore ye go to or from glasgow cop26 november may we ask you: to help celebrate the greatest asian alumn scottish universities have ever had the good fortune to grow -
our brother - 1 2 - sir fazle abed - champion of women empwerment across hemishpheres 
love quotient NEWS- North-East-West-South
...prince charles
queen maxima
Schwab Gates Soros Food Yidan Dubai SheiHka Moza 

Glasgow cheers amazing youth  consider 65 year action learning curve of teen Fazle Abed who travelled from far north east corner of the old british raj (then East Pakistan:17 years later to be reborn Bangladesh) to Glasgow engineering lab where Adam Smith and James Watt kickstarted age of humans and machines in 1760s; Abed graduating in 200th alumni class went to royal durch shell oil- the british netherlands oil giant headquartered off fleet street in london- he rose over 12 years to become regional ceo for his homeaLnd- there a cyclone killed a million people all around him in 1970- this changed his purpose in life- as did an independence war/refugee crisis killing another million people

 as did famine killing another million; fazle abed solutins networked by village women are one of the 2 most likely reasons that a billion asians designed their own markets to end extreme poverty; throughout 50 years as agent of women end poverty chinese village women shared most solutions with abed not as a political thing but out of the necessity of needing same development solutions - if you want to explore how a billion women cheered on sustainabilit goals youth - contact vincent chang vice chancellor of brac university who fazle abed appointed to share solutions with a first 50 university who wanted their students to linkin with each other - this raises the question 2 years after his death what would fazle abed be asking the younger half of the world to action next

here are a few guesses - please share yours followed by possibly the smartest epitaph to fazle abed written by an american- again please tell us other epitaphs that empower the world you(th) want to sustain

  hope everyone is staying safe... could one of you join a zoom to explore urgent collaboration challenges like these?... we are trying to discuss IF 2021 =youths last best chance year for becoming sustainability generation

ed21 i have been zooming in with youth and elders in dubai- for reasons i dont wholly understand most of the global edu-conscious leaders at  unicef, unesco, sdg-networks of #aiforgood out of geneva un.  gordon brown as edu special envoy and host of 4 education networks including 2 on refugees;  have changed their education summit partnership to dubai rewired from wise qatar where patrick awuah and women empowerment hero late sir fazle abed are laureates and sheikha moza and president of ghana are on top sgd advocates circle advising guterres in conjunction with uae expo- this summit happens 4 days after qatar's mid december- how can we get future of education africa included in dubai summit too? to add to confusion rewired seems largely separate from annual million dollar teacher prize varkey had staged out of dubai

ed21.0 i am still struggling with black lives matter inner city networks i know in baltimore, brooklyn, tuskegee; if you know where diaspora and lives matter interconnect it would help- it used to be kobe bryant with his investment in ai for minorities but i cant work out where sports is going now my japanese, fazle abed and jack ma friends have lost all the sdg stages they had hoped olympics could be

ed21.1 i have been linking in with friends in my families home capital glasgow- they come from the adam smith glasgow university side not the official government of gov prep for cop26- they would like younger half of world to make friends with younger half of scotland and continue zooming before and after; is there any coordinator for ghana who would want to join a network of such youth caring places join students 6 nov 21 glasgow where engines started 1761? 

ed21.2 i have been trying to understand where open society uni-net- osun - comes together across continents and why after being launched at davos 2020 nobody at davos  actively knows of it in 2021 - one possibility is the united nations- do you have any view on whether unga76 is going to be real this year and if so will patrick and facebook host another co-event

ed21.3 these are just rough ideas on what youth as sdg generation could be collaboratively exploring - some of the african youth networks i know -eg from sudan or kenya or ethiopia-  would love to know if they can zoom in with your ashesi collaborative summer retreat even if they are an informal alumni movement not one physical university- did you ever find out if there is anything left of taddy blechers new university; i gather that africa's largest corporation is a south african one which accidentally owns quarter of tencent- it has been investing in edutech- does anyone have knowledge on what they aim to do

ed21.4 of course projects like  how can youth report if vaccine is freeing or chaining their peoples are issues that need a safe transparency youth space to debrief each other on - beyond my means to kickstart but which could be pure adam smith scholars concerns

thanks chris macrae wash dc +1 240 316 8157 norman macrae foundation linkedin

any errors are mine alone and would happily learn from you

my father norman macrae spent 40 years writing von neumanns biography -exploring todays 65 year legacy of blending human and artificial intel -  after a chance interview in 1955 whilst trying to sub-edit keynesian poverty-ending system designs at the economist - hence my amateur interest in can we and abed alumni humanise AI in time for youth to be the sdg generation? glasgow university union nov 6 debates this motion after 13 years of dialogues that restarted in 2008 with 250th anniversary of moral sentiments

dear ian and ian - hope you dont mind me bouncing ABED'S LAST idea off you; ian ryder and i have been alarmed by mispurposeful media/corporate branding for 25 years having spent most of our EARLIER lives trying to innovate corporate leadership 

when i first bumped into fazle abed in 2009 after previously bumping into yunus i decided abed was more interesting to me than any organisation leader i would ever meet

about this time ian smillie wrote "freedom from want" the bible on how abed designed brac up to 2009 and this final review of abed's masterclass Sir Fazle Hasan Abed: Master Builder - The McLeod Group

what if artificial intelligence - and convergence of all tech - has reached stage where services top down governments used to monopolise must become real time ai service/operations platforms -can that bottom-up design empower girls/boys as first sdg generation?

as covid teaches us on any sustainability critical government service its only as transparent -let alone moral or humanly intelligent- as its last mile capabilities- ie designing top-down gov services isnt what 21st c human race as a species can afford as we leap beyond covid

sir fazle lifes work was about designing 25 of the most critical  last mile village systems- as an engineer he sort of blueprinted them by hand staring with his 16000 family pilot lab( also about 50 subvillages each of 300 families which he designed local parahealth service around with weekly visits)  he had built in 1972- about0.25 of rural bangladesh- once he had designed a microfranchise that was a subvillage women empowered solution he worked out partners to replicate across all of nations villages -with oral rehydration and vaccines unicef james grant not only partnered abed but chatted up national leaders globally

so could it be that the blueprints of network solutions abed used are what ai needs to prioritise as operational platforms?

while it is possible to catalogue abed's 25 deepest solutions 5 by 5 - almost all of which have become multi-billion dollar vale chain maps of win-win kind- unlike consuming up thinks life-critical knowhow multiplies value in application
goal 1 end poverty 5 sub-financial systems
sdg2 end starvation 5 sub food security systems
3 increase life expectancy focusing on mothers and kids simplest local cures plus oral rehydration vaccination end tuberculosis 5 y systems villagers can be intel for
4  five levels of lifelong livelihood learning
5/6 five dynamics of resilient communities from maximising community disaster preparedness - to community cannot afford any non-productive underclass -culturally mainly women in rural asia - a solution china also needed when its one child policy forced half of all families to dependent on the productivity of their smartest daughter- when the development world celebrates a billion people out of extreme poverty- the gravity of this is actually this bangladesh-chinese village female dynamic whose deep data/learning 
5/6 also included pt latrine and home design round dept of sanitation and zero waste village subsystems - for some reason i never understood yunus won the aga khan architecture prize for this -maybe he did improve on building village homes as a community space celebrating womens family building, maybe not?

so the proposition is ai for human development to end extreme poverty needs to operationalise platforms round the data/maps fazle engineered - meanwhile a smart compact city like singapore has declared its government wants to be all ai platforms and indeed community solution design is the missing schools curriculum at

ian and ian - does this connect with anything you are doing?
cheers chris wash dc + 1 240 316 8157

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

 0 what if edu =every persons largest investment  connecting alumni on road to december dubai  

unicef fore & al gurg cambridge, micrsoft - learning passports; unicef fore dubai cares , itu giga iniative ai maps where every school is- but why no wi fi to every school- learnt from pandemic half of 10 year olds cant read a paragraph- cf lucknow solution kids teach kids to rread-connecxts with india edu 2020 at least 5% non-theiry time

climate road to glasgow

lse 3 feb- espinosa and stern celebrate their 10 year journey from cancun- even 100 bn climate fund only 80% done- about half nations submitted climate plans bringing to glasgow- espinosa says covid shows nations an find 14 trillion and rising when urgent - why no climate fund- when are we going to fix 300 trillion $ block wesern pensions from any sdg funds

meanwhile jan weforum gora and kerry are coming from usa, carney and sharma are comubning from uk; idea that every sector declates its leadership purpose - japan working on 14 scector purposes- where else are corporate climate coalitions or c40 cities leading

can we end covid by italy g20 october - g20 prep roads coming soon

which nations leaders showed up at wefirum?

Monday, February 1, 2021

coming up march 3 at lse

 Almost overnight, following lockdown, children’s lives became digital by default. We critically reflect on how children’s experiences, needs and rights are being, and could be better, served in a digital world. 

COVID-19 transformed society’s reliance on digital technologies as the infrastructure for work, family, education, health and more. Supposedly the digital natives are ahead of their parents and other adults in being media-savvy. In practice, children face unique challenges.  

Social science has identified a range of adverse consequences, including digital exclusion, edtech inequalities, child sexual abuse and unmet mental health needs - notwithstanding that many educational and welfare services also became digital by default.  

Meet our speakers and chair

Patricio Cuevas-Parra (@PatricioCuevasP) is the Director of Child Participation and Rights at World Vision International, and a children's rights advocate who manages research and information analysis on social justice issues affecting children and young people. He has published a variety of books and reports on the topics of children's rights, child participation, indigenous children and gender equality. 

Laurie Day is a Director at Ecorys UK, with a lead for children, young people and families research. He has over 20 years applied research and evaluation experience, with the UK Government, local authorities and third sector organisations. He is also currently overseeing a study for the European Commission on the role of digital tools in supporting inclusive education across Europe, and a research project funded by the Nuffield Foundation exploring the social impacts of the COVID-19 crisis with young action researchers. 

Maya Göetz is Head of the International Central Institute for Youth and Educational Television (IZI) at the Bayerischer Rundfunk (Bavarian Broadcasting Corp), Munich, and of the PRIX JEUNESSE Foundation. Her main field of work is research in the area of children, youth and television, and has published more than 240 articles and 14 books within the field.  

Konstantinos Papachristou is the Youth Lead in the “#CovidUnder19 - Life Under Coronavirus” global research project and the creator of Teens4greece, an online forum for young people to express their ideas to help Greece.  

Sonia Livingstone (@Livingstone_S) is a professor in the Department of Media and Communications at LSE. She has published 20 books, including her latest co-authored publication, Parenting for a Digital Future: How Hopes and Fears about Technology Shape Children's Lives.

More about this event

This event is part of the LSE Festival: Shaping the Post-COVID World running from Monday 1 to Saturday 6 March 2021, with a series of events exploring the direction the world could and should be taking after the crisis.

The Department of Media and Communications (@MediaLSE) is a world-leading centre for education and research in communication and media studies at the heart of LSE’s academic community in central London. The Department is ranked #1 in the UK and #3 globally in the field of media and communications (2020 QS World University Rankings).

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

glasgow cop26 curriculum

 with thanks to and

1 us climate csar kerry - glasgow is humans last best chance - nov2021 cop  video 1/27 weforum debate - see also biden signing new exec orders on climate 1/27, ref 2019 kerry launched climatewar association; 2015 led us cop -paris signatures- -we are currently spinning to 4.5 degrees rise instead of agreed goal of 1.5 - every innovation needs to be between 5 to 20 times faster  if even paris climate intentions attainable- shell ceo -ask each sector to delegate leaders with an open map of its green purpose; Alok Sharma President, 26th Conference of the Parties (COP26) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, Cabinet Office, Her Majesty's Government welcomes kerry's pledge to return us climate leadership and adds it's helpful weforum 2020 corporate leaders report put green as top risk and 2021 puts green and health as connected top risk- 

2 al gore explains wef video 1/27 his generation ig green fund has proven profitable over 17 years even without  much needed carbon tax and that's just on example of systems risks governments still let by big lobbies  externalise ; bank of england  governor mark carney says carbon tax may yet be profitable -last october yellen helped him publish such a report   us economist signatories jan 2019

shell's ceo is we must ask each global sectors' leaders to present a plan on their greenest purpose- trillion dollar sectors have more scale than most nations

3 food is an example of a sector where we need industry leaders to bring a bottom up map of how deeply green is their purpose - pepsi ceo has some interesting examples locals need demonstration farms and agriculture entrepremeur hubs- we are partnering with a pilot in columbia and hope for a replicable franchise in any rural developing nations similar to columbian farmers challenges-  related references abed university value chain and microfranchising models - borlaugs world food prize - connections betwen mother/infant health and nutrition


260 years of opportunities and threats of

4 tech 6 decades of humanising ai following 200 years of energising engines aka ir3 plus one

5 valuation /measurement systems - quarterly credit and exponential goodwill - world's 2 greatest maths errors - cros checked by trillion dollar unique green purposes

6 mapping inequalities - 90% of world trade is shipped - how do borders of 200 nations share eg lanlocked nations, 50 sids depening on oceans but no control what big lands do ... arctic circle; rich north; por south ...old wold new world's bays

7 childrens education swots in poverty's shelf

8 universities lifelong learning swots in middle incomr's units

9 integration/twinning of the 8 by one billion peoples poor, rich/  young/old/ male/female

10 anything else bootom up open as well as top down and closed

Monday, January 18, 2021

keynes - who determines the future?

 conclusion of final chapter of general theory

The ideas of economists and political philosophers, both when they are right and when they are wrong, are more powerful than is commonly understood. Indeed the world is ruled by little else. Practical men, who believe themselves to be quite exempt from any intellectual influences, are usually the slaves of some defunct economist. Madmen in authority, who hear voices in the air are distilling their frenzy from some academic scribbler of a few years back. —J. M. KEYNES, The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money

download whole capter

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

imagine if scots and italians could host the most youth inspiring 18 days the world has ever seen - rome oct 30,31 - glasgow cop26- here is some early italin homework


TF 1

Global Health and Covid-19

TF 2

Climate Change, Sustainable Energy & Environment

TF 3

Trade, Investment and Growth

TF 4

Digital Transformation

TF 5

2030 Agenda and Development Cooperation

TF 6

Social Cohesion and the Future of Welfare Systems

TF 7

Infrastructure Investment and Financing

TF 8

Multilateralism and Global Governance

TF 9

International Finance

TF 10


TF 11

Reforming the T20

Sunday, December 20, 2020


2025 report year 37 MORE FUTURES? health black women refugee america asia europe africa green russia ...

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Abed Bhai from poverty alleviator to new university coalition builder
Unlike machines humans are networked by positive or negative energies- positive intels include faith, hope, love, trust, courage to appear communally strong to those depending on you. when villagers have no access to electricity grids, at ground level these values are not advertised their empowerment depends on the reality of one to one, and one to village circles of up to 40 people.For the first 3 decades of fazle abed's empowerment of women and rural nation building all solutions to safety, health, education, love (professional do no harm), finance depended on bracs front line service co-workers and millions of villagers person to person integrity.

As we entered the new millennium the 64 year old fazle abed could see early partnerships in the vilage arriving round solar electricity and mobile phones. he spent his last twenty years searching for the deepest partnerships ngo world has ever linkedin- but he also knew he would see whether these technologies would need to be useed if youth were to become the sustainability generation. even as he never left his first love serving villagers he started to debate the idea that only new universities could complete the dream of a poverty-free world

Being born 1951 the greatest lesson of my lifetime- how the worlds poorest women developed 3 billion lives away from poverty and early death to a better life

which university network do you go to learn these sgd foundations:

spefifically how 5 markets mattered most from bottom up-SHELF
safety, health, education, loving-leaders, finance,

Village*Engineering*Satellite coms*Tech-analytics*Youth
which 2 of the 5 solutions americans discovered in 1950s mattered
 most to save the two thirds of the world who are asian and who
 had mainly been trapped by the way british empire ruled the waves
of the mercantile era and the first 16 decades of machines and humans
started up at glasgow u 1760s by adam smith and james watt

how did the far east coastal belt 4 islands and one peninsular apply these innovation innovations from 1960-1975

how did the hardest work ever done by women or men network across rural continental asia 1975-2000 without access to electricity grids but my multiplying the best of womanpower and manpower
if you connect with brac university to become joyfully aware of the above lessons and how to 5-factor the 17 sdgs--
 you will be ready to apply the other frameworks that sir fazle abed spent 50 years demonstrating until the largest ngo partnership in the world linked in round brac at his time of death 2019
these are 
the 5 global markets UNITS parents should demand young half of world own most share in IE University, Infrastructure-Nature, Tech, Sports
the 5e's of microfranchising and the 5 value chains of development economics

and partner wizards of poverty leapfrog ahead of each 1G to 5G decade- eg because village women never hand landline telephones what did they invent when first partering with mobile phones