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Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Can youth save the world with fei-fei li's vision ai

related last best chances 2019 Melinda Gates & Fazle Abed 

I have been writing to risk and sustainability experts as to why it seems to me youth ai20s.com is our last best chance thanks to the worlds I see with AI Vision founder Fei-Fei Li.

Can you all help humanise intelligence? First lets make sure AI is fun and smart for school kids 11 and up. Why not the number 1 celebration wherever girls influence? .  

AI & Art

Ai & Nature

AI & Dance

Friends20 more references

CURRICULUM- we find consistency in aiverygood curriculum comes from Fei-Fei Li- here's her invitation to get involved

Please note a lot of people use similar channel names - we hope we have correctly identified where to connect with Fei-Fei Alumni -curriculum resources - youtube related to these resources

If your school doesnt see AI as the most exciting current (good news) affairs lesson series ever - show them cases. If they don't urgent adapt - economistuniversity.com has news for administrators whose costly papers dont keep their promises. And as for pension funds of such abusive professionals ..

AI & Facial Recognition, 
& Ethics  versus Deep Fakes
for engineers and valuetrue gov:  Neural Networks part 1; part 2 & transformers

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