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Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Can youth save the world with fei-fei li's vision ai

related last best chances 2019 Melinda Gates & Fazle Abed 

I have been writing to risk and sustainability experts as to why it seems to me youth ai20s.com is our last best chance thanks to the worlds I see with AI Vision founder Fei-Fei Li.

Can you all help humanise intelligence? First lets make sure AI is fun and smart for school kids 11 and up. Why not the number 1 celebration wherever girls influence? .  

AI & Art

Ai & Nature

AI & Dance

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CURRICULUM- we find consistency in aiverygood curriculum comes from Fei-Fei Li- here's her invitation to get involved

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If your school doesnt see AI as the most exciting current (good news) affairs lesson series ever - show them cases. If they don't urgent adapt - economistuniversity.com has news for administrators whose costly papers dont keep their promises. And as for pension funds of such abusive professionals ..

AI & Facial Recognition, 
& Ethics  versus Deep Fakes
for engineers and valuetrue gov:  Neural Networks part 1; part 2 & transformers

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

post from feb 24 updating whos youth who arounf un


Feed post number 3

Reflecting on one of the most incredible moments from 2023, I’d love to share my journey as a United Nations Youth Delegate! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡³

I had the honor of being selected as the youngest United Nations delegate by the We Are Family Foundation and spent the week in NYC in a whirlwind of board meetings, events, receptions, and UN General Assembly stages. As an AI ethicist and social entrepreneur, it was an absolute dream come true to meet some of the most passionate and brilliant community leaders and build intergenerational collaborations.

Some of my favorite moments from the United Nations trip include:

🌍 Attending Nasdaq Climate Week and hearing from leading climate innovators and regulators, meeting future partners for my tech for sustainability work!

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡³ Being invited guests to the United Nations and attending the UN SDG Action Zone main stage, hearing from UN Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed on the future of sustainability and a push towards achieving the SDGs. Thank you Dawda Jobarteh for the invite and bringing youth voices front and center!

πŸ’— Hosting our own youth-led event in Bryant Park, bringing together youth activists, entrepreneurs, and builders for vulnerable conversations on our experiences at the UN.

πŸ’» Board meeting at the Microsoft NYC Headquarters and collaborating with the incredible Jean-Philippe Courtois and Anthony Virapin on social entrepreneurship and building the next generation of impact entrepreneurs.

πŸ€– Reception with the World Economic Forum and the CEO of Verizon on digital equity, tech ethics, and bridging the digital divide through connectivity and telecommunications.

πŸ“£ Speaking at the SAP Headquarters in a panel and roundtable discussion on building intergenerational partnerships on everything from AI ethics to community action.

Behind these exciting milestones and dream partnerships were so many moments of friendship, reflection, and connection. I am so grateful to have been a part of an incredible all-female delegation as the youngest delegate. We built this sense of community and power when we walked into a room, and I felt less alone knowing that I stand alongside brilliant women from across the world – stepping into our power unapologetically together.

Being at the United Nations taught me so much about power dynamics and the way that leaders move in spaces like the UN – it showed me how much we sorely need young people shaking up these systems and bringing our vision of grassroots and urgent action.

My fellow We Are Family Foundation delegates just got back from #COP in Dubai and #WEF in Davos, and it’s deeply inspiring to see a collective of youth voices catalyzing action to protect people and the planet.

I’m so excited to continue sharing what I learned at the UN and continue building a movement of tech for social good! πŸš€

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