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Tuesday, September 11, 2001

sadly peoples pay for 4 biggest industrial revolton errors- yet again generation sustainability on line

 the 4 engineeering revolutions

energy power of engines

media power of nationwide and global communications

innovations needed to go beyonf zeros sum finance - knowhow betworks multiplty value in use instead of leveraging zero sum of consuming up things

4 when data beaming in from evey gps coordinate on land, sea , space can only be operated ral time by ai depended on diversity of its deep datat integration eith mother natures dynamics- borders where manmade systems compounded externalisation become greatest risk -

see biographies of von neumann

problem powerful elders will kep sacroficing next generation - eg ddgets on war games increase - edutech as livelihood of every family, community's win-win futures decreases

as von neumann warned economist not scntifific whenever they fail to make sssumptions topline transpaent through time

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