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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Below is a first draft of 20 ways you could be inviting people to join in if they really valued either hiro's or bernardos work

I am sure there is a better 20 listing and one connected to many skills or youth we already work with

please- help re-edit this

diarywise i just needed to start somewhere as something i can talk to :
central park south and CUNY black millennials this friday
windsor castle bootcamp next monday
vatican celebrations of bernardo end of next wee

2 types of reasons why its urgent:

amy has made it absolutely clear to me we need breakthrough in where her livelihood is going in november

there are all sorts of other top 10s we could linkin to same map of global youth empowerment whether they are harrison owens open space china or blum as epicenttre of coding youth competitions for humanity

but if we cant agree 20 ways to linkin 2 networks whose founders we have opportunity to know well - how are we ever going to linkin others

Akira Foundation - 10 youth exchanges of worldwide potential www.economistjapan.com
Rome and Chile POP Education inspired projects
Benchmarking partnerships energised by corporate leaders who wholly value youth as greatest innovation catalyst
ENSglobal list of twin partnerships with colleges aiming to develop Franciscan valuation of sustainable millennial. Family is the number 1 social investor. Healthy societies generate intergenerational strong economies not vice versa. Ending inequality is faith's main communal purpose. In USA, linking in lead college president by public state system
Twin partnerships between american and japanese educational institutions concerned with social innovation through youth action networks
Reference from vatican as to how to join in massive open collaboration in entrepreneurial revolution of jobs-rich education for disdvantaged . 12 month goals- global youth empowerment summit outreach to 10 most populous disadvantaged youth groups mapped by sustainability development goal 11.
Three week youth exchanges between Japan and USA with major sponsorship by Toyota
Connection with neighboring vatican located clubs - nobel peace summit (particularly next steps of mandela curriculum) and green club of rome
Sports for smiles - opportunity of tokyo olympics 2020 to connect superstars with millennials sustainability goals
Invitation to join as friend of rome olympics 2024 and launch of underground colliseum of pro-youth cultures
Culture convenience club Helping millennial development of cultures supporte by integrating multiple lifetsyle platform
Grounded theory research dialogues oriented by series of main Franciscan speeches - eg UN 2015 Congress 2015 Climate Encyclical; EU 2014;
Sponsor of the 20th year of creative children summits linkin  100 nations
Connection of Clares with the deepest women4empowerment and community health networks
Sustaining great youth entrepreneur competitions and patient venture networks across East and developing partnerships with west's greatest coding labs
Celebrating list of which Young Professional networks are are designed around POP transformational value chain challenge prioritised by Jim Kim and Pope Francis
Sponsor of the official worldwide proficiency test in Japanese language
Representative of chile government committee  on value of being linkedin to learning satellite yazmi
Royal partner in Thailand on sustainability curriculum
Special relationship with Ecuador educational leaders and2016 host of has sdg 11 -sustainable cities and communities-  got on a rising exponential?    
English language school as a social enterprise
Understanding origin of nations developed by womens and family empowerment links to continent wide social demands voiced in 1960s by eg Portuguese speaking Freire and Spanish-speaking Guttierez

Norman Macrae Foundation integrates 4 collaboration economies -search year 44 started The Economist 1972 rsvp isabella@unacnowledgedgiant.com -help develop the 20 netgen branches of www.economistuniversity.com year 44

  • Human knowhow exchanges between chinese female and worldwide millennials
  • Ending gap between certificate-based education and livelihood training
  • World social family trade app'd around replicating 30000 community franchises where value served remains mainly in locality
  • Brand and leadership partnerships valued round borderless sustainability goals and exponentials

Tools include open space , grounded theory , hoshin planning, hackathons, MOOCs and elearning satellites , systemic youth collaboration entrepreneur competitions, valuetrue exponential audits empowering way above zero-sum impacts; young professsional goodwill networks including journalists for humanity and university of stars.