-did shakespeare mean that while it takes 2 to tango it takes 3 to : generate , to map, to play? which roles should daughter mother and father exchange through ages of loving each other: enlighten rain (valuing water), thunder (global climate adaptability) - we will asking your help to link this co-blog into missing "open systems" curricula sustainable youth need to urgently demand the 7th economy celebrates if they are to be the sustainability generation whose moral sentiments and humainsing of machine intel is to save our species from extinction- related bard references To Be or Not to Be "" life but a poor player .... what your bard's most valuable script- chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

sampler from creative youth olympiads of summer 2015 futurecapitalism.tv
fazleaded.com osun.app kobe.mba : what if one billion poorest women knew more about sustainability than every man- what if green rural womens keynesianism was needed to leap over the world's first two economies: pound and dollar applying the 3 wondries tech economies - oriental-demings better engineering, russian-america space and satellite mobilisation race, hungarian americas digital analytic age at the exponential deadline of 2040 versus 1970 moore's law 5G 4G 3G 2G 1G 0G naosaka.com maolympics.comIntegrating Moral valuation of Goals of 6 primary markets of green womens rural capitalism- and uniting joy of celebrations of cultural beauty/diversity with each other

2 local food security – design agriculture and fishery to end famine and dehydration) - starting with places left out by mercantile empire and industrial revolution -eg villages with no access to electricity grids and landlocked in huge continents
3 design safety local health service capacity to increase life expectancy starting with that of mothers and infants -and map community’s own resiliency and cooperative disaster readiness to forces of nature)
4 education – livelihoods geared firstly to restoring every community to consciously be a thriving (happy and free) space to grow up in
5 gender diversity- equality of women and men and every diversity of the human species to productive starting with the force multipliers of v2*v3*v4 (*v66v1)
6 water- design water flows for drinking sanitation and natural cooperation beyond borders – waters as the commons that multiplies peace and hope
1 design final services for the unbanked and to empower the poorest to be their own local development solution in the united race to end poverty
lMindset; my first job was with a British version of Khan Academy in 1972; when father, Norman Macrae, at The Economist saw this he changed priority of questions he asked leaders on how they were investing in youth. Spending 4000 times more on global coms tech 2030 versus 1946 would only be sustainable let alone economic if learning was core to every investment in millennials. Economistyouth.com invites you to join in reporting irreversibility's last chance to design smartest learning media humans have ever raced around
usa colleges ny state:: arizona: music everywhere; microcollege brooklyn library:: returning itzen hubs ny &:: high school experiments ny, dc &:: soros associates -ineteconomics hubs:: open society regions vienna central euro uni od soros:: berlin college of bardOSUN founding partners in asia are in bangladesh at fazle abed legacy :university of brac and worlds largest ngo partnership - includes james grant school of health, asian hub of ban-ki moon global climate adaptability scholars, international partner duke of edinburgh apprenticeships...kyrgistan american uni-asian supercities -will in all likelihood form 5g coalitions that benchmark sdg most exciting advances
Love Hong Kong -twitter moment -people whose knowhow we search: Jin-Yong Cai (may have moved to NY to continue Coalition Jim Kim- in south korea he explained ho he hoped to do more for advancing sdg generation out of hong kong than he could when he headed IFC at jim kim's world bank- christine loh graced brookings dc nov 2019 she explained how elders and youth need to slow down and clarify through dialogue what they most want: the island's future in 5g world of supercieties is better than ever if this process is done lovingly- Jeanne Lim former ceo of hanson robotics- as the un's ambassador for what can robots help humans ai about sdgs - few coders projects matter more than those with hanson coalitions...yidan ten cent- some would say the biggest personal communications internetwork spun off its foundation for education to hong kong around 2016 - see yidan prize:; kevin swire plays critical role in keeping hk and china economies going as cathay pacific endures double tragedies of last years riots and this years virus

tokyo-Could I ask everyone- do you know anything about the world economic forum hub in tokyo World Economic Forum Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Japan

ARK Mori Building, 37th Floor, 1-12-32 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-6037 https://www.weforum.org/centre-for-the-fourth-industrial-revolution-japan

typical questions- their main hubs are at tokyo beijing delhi and san francisco and by default weforum geneva - could he eg help host some things out of dc where they dont appear to have representaion- for this year of g7 leaders only abe's society 5.0 and osaka track and the emperors reiwa era fit positively - so how can we keep schilars etc briefed even as their national leaders waste more time vis a vis sdgs - the ir4 hubs are also linked to 300 youth global shapers hubs- is there some sort of youth hot desk we can connect so that youth we connect know what the shapers are doing https://www.globalshapers.org/hubs those general question detail further when we come to deep interests be that health, climate adaptability, livelihood education, girls empowerment- it would be great if we could find a contact inside ir4 who was happy to continue to exchange ideas- what do you all think? while writing one other question- given emanuel's special connections with korea the new japan ambassador to seoul is very interesting because until recently he was the main g7 liason sherpa both explaining what japan had hoped the g7 would advance on sdgs etc as well as specifically bridging this year g20 saudi and previous year argentina

cambridge Can i intro you to my bullen smith cousins in case we can find a link eg

1 why schwarzman is only oxford-mit-tsinghua not cambridge too- if you use whats app lets meet there too =1 240 316 8157- if anyone interested i think a meeting in vienna or cambridge or boston or glasgow in next 7 weeks is absolutely critical to partnership timelines known to me

Paul's work connects cambridge uni

robert almost single handedly connected china uk and us at johnson mathey sector for about 30 years his daugher study computer science at wellesley-

my fathers work still inspires about 20 people in boston who understand why japan emperor awarded dad order of rising sun and how from 1964 prince charles bridged japan-europe-deming across asia with emperors family and akio morita

2 also there's got to be someone at corpus who remembers all the work in india alumni have done from manmohan singh to my grandfather sir kenneth kemp on the bullen smiths side who was mumbai chief justice for 20 years with gandhi writing up legalese of india independence - 4 generations of the family had built pharmacy kemps cornerand social justice networks out of mumbai

3 paul robert and i used to ski with head or royal society of medicine sir keith peters whose cambridge scholars open sourced the human genome - great if we could link him in
4 if you can find any soros or prodi fans urgent to reconnect them with the reporting of their purposes dad did in the economist- eg entrepreneurial revolution 1976 was translated into italian by prodi- dads dinner parties with soros led to support of gorbachev

5 any connection with keynes arts theatre great- unni already linked vienna boys choir- music is the soul of way soros is relaunching OSUN all his university partnerships- the arts theatre is connected with the only smart and green broadcasters at bbc palin- attenborough and so back to prince charles ans lord sainsbury daughter- with the passing of the cadburys only the sainsbury are left if the battle to keep the economist true to first 150 years of its end poverty across asia purpose which has been lost during its 7th quarter 1993=2018- two of the lads who accidentally lost the story now work for bloomberg and rockefeller foundation in new york- while they became famous in 1988 for dad and my work that trust was missing audit of corporate branding they got greenwashed since all the people my father mentored died early including the head of the eiu and asia rising author jim rohwer- jim was about to start an asian economist when se asia financial crisis began

i know head of bbc studios who markets attenboroughs blue planet series which viralised end plastic
on a billion youth mobiles and wants to something similar to 7 worlds one planet launched at un climate summits - this needs to linkin glasgow cop 26 - other wings of attenborough family were uk's epicentre of gandhi for decades which had been rooted in quakers/friends house like cadburys

there are almost no founders left of big western companies that began before tech of 1990- all the tech companies have been spoilt by silicon valley going the opposite way to what da surveyed in 1982- theres no tomorrows company - rising exponential economic system let alone community sustaining one when founders are exit planning not deming-purpose planning

there is zero chance of sustainability in english speaking world if we lose chinese fifth of worlds youth to virus silos or if trump is re-elected- and india in all likelihood will be decimated by virus next-pity about banham- he keynoted at risk and internal auditor summits 2000- any global market leader should challenge competitors to collaborate around the greatest risk their sector had most expertise in not externalise risk- we live in a western world where the 100 biggest organisations are mathematically the least sustainable- something is nor right with every economic guru hired to rule over big get biggerican u
fingers crossed on mitsubishi lee
some of these recollections of peoples purposes are more than 10 years old so delighted to be corrected but just throwing them out there- we need a japan group in the same time zone even if that means sone conference calling while meeting

emanuel has spent 15 years planting exchange thinktanks in japan korea vietnam china and dc- when i was at tokyo umi med school discussing future capitalism 2013 this is what the yokois said they wanted to do too - however clearly it was complicated because their fathers impact on toyota was mainly in indonesia - which i think is doing very well now but mainly because it has never been on us radar-it was where in 1983 unilever first asked for mit and my help in deigning brands to empower women- work which was coordinated out of unilever japan and the took me to 10 more asian countries without which asia would not have become my main focus

back to emanuel what that means is when hes in dc twice a week groups o20 asian students meet to try to understand if there is any sustainable joint research left in usa or whether emanuel can help the bridge what in my opinion are utterly false political divides between asians- if people dont agree with my\b dads journals on that and why he got the emperors order of rising sun for such inter-asian optimism then read ezra vogel-c all asian consciousness faiths are far more inter-related than all the darn golden rules ones empires used to border people

my understanding is if affordable health is what your nation wants the kuskabe family have been studying the 50 50 biggest health systems for inefficiencies ann can help you diagnose what change is needed- as i expect you know dad predicted in his 1984 survey we would all go way of the dodo if we didnt use tech to make affordable health tech number 1 benefit in the joint race to end poverty- i would urge tokyo to tell the olympics that it is rescheduling to 2021-we have too much health misinfo circulating to be celebrating any tv media in 2020

mostofa and christina are involved inter alia on trying to save bangladesh fashion workers futures - these look awful to me but i hope i am wrong

i believe gianni was ceo for mazda partners when we were struggling to charter global brand value chains intangibles around 2000 but has moved to health- i apologise if i have misdescribed this- he is tokyo based
makoto is linking musical celebrations with all of japans biggest celebrations- this has in the lat month become the passport to reuniting with all of soros 32 billion dollars of philanthropy- while soros gets mixed reviews- its improbable that either jim kim or sir fazle work would be where it is today without support from soros in late 1990s- soros is unusual he doesnt seem to mind total failures with his gifts as long as he was there at most urgent time for things that grew and grew- my dad and he enjoyed brainstorming over a bottle of wine in early 1980s

jeff knows my dad's (Norman Macrae) legacy as well as his final decade of contributions- knows global pharma a lot- and like me rather wishes all nations could take a year off while diaspora scots remap what smith and watt stared in 1760 at glasgow u perhaps thats what cop26 in glasgow november is for - at which time we will know if usa is to be pied pipered to hell

so dont ask me to be politically correct until true media makes a comeback - i think amy said she is investigating which of the biggest fund managers in new york is ready to tip but then i dont always succeed in translating how fast networks move around her generation

if anyone ever finds out what any of ban ki moon jack ma or mayor of tokyo want olympics impact to be on sustainability role models of youth i started studying that in 1991-sadly ayrton senna died before his foundation and duke of edinburgh who i was also working on pro bono could link in-still i understand value chains of celebrities better than anyone if they happen to be decent - eg is worth everyone helping naomi osaka beyond tenis particularly as thats the old emperors sport

all the best chris dc whats app
=1 240 316 8157

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Given that The Economist was founded by a Scot in 1843 to sack vested interests in parliament who were representing big empire not the peoples rights, this article in The Economist is a macroeconomic folly grandeur of the most dismal sort

It has however caused some opposing comments listed below

the whole Better Together campaign is wrongly conceived. They don't actually care about the lives of the Scots so much as prestige and power of the UK on the world stage

Often traveling in France and Italy and hear even educated people referring to Great Britain as "England". Why should the Scots stay with a nation that obscure their identity?

Nationalism in the sense of self-determination, such as is the case in Scotland, Catalonia, Flanders, is a key component of liberalism and democracy.

While rejecting nationalism, I am an enthusiastic supporter of Scottish independence. I want a more responsive and efficient government; I want better policy outcomes; I want better social and economic outcomes. Westminster has been failing for decades (relative to the rest of Northern Europe and other Anglosphere countries).

The Economist (TE) completely fails, as usual, to note that Scotland has a very strong economy without a drop of oil factored in. Scotland is already the third most productive part of the UK even removing on oil revenues. And Scots pay far more tax per head than the UK average, more than enough to pay for public services even if oil revenuers drop a little. Scotland will also save money from no longer paying for illegal wars, Trident, and so on.
Readers of TE who want to read the other side of the economic story should visit this website: http://www.businessforscotland.co.uk/
What does TE mean by "Its best hope of remaining influential is to stay put, and fight the Eurosceptics. In reality, "Currently Scotland has zero influence in the EU. The UK, dominated by English politicians and MEPs, does. If EU laws are voted on that Scotland would oppose but England supports, currently Scotland has no voice to protect it's interests. But if Scotland and the RUK's interests coincide, the joint influence of two states will be greater than at present.
Most Scots are not Euroskeptic. But a substantial amount, even the majority, of the English are. Even if every Scot voted to stay in the EU they could easily be overrided by Euroskeptics in the rest of the UK. This democratic deficit is one of the main reasons so many Scots want independence.

2) The UK will not control banks, banks control the UK. Mark Carney has given a blank cheque to casino bankers. You can't run any country contrary to the interests of its people forever - unless you don't tell them. People in the UK have no idea of the risk they've taken onhttp://www.slideshare.net/LoudenDW/casino-bank-protection-090914
3) Norway has done a heck of a lot better than Scotland in recent years:
http://www.slideshare.net/LoudenDW/nbi-mv-hmt we can't do a more rubbish job than successive UK Governments have done
If Scotland succumbs to fear we'll see the next thirty years oil revenues not spent on diversifying Scotland's economy but rather being squandered on whatever mad scheme Boris dreams up next HS2 or an island airport or more cross-rail schemes or a Heathrow expansion. It will go on bailing out casino banks when Mr Carney's crazy unquantified and unlimited risk-fest ultimately crashes and bankrupts the UK.
We're not better together, we're better getting out now while we still can.
My preference would have been for "devo max". Of course we weren't offered that (are we now - maybe, who really knows?), which surely drove many into the 'Yes' camp. Can we now trust Westminster? I think I'd rather not have to.
There's much discussion of heart-v-head. But there's so little clarity over many factual points (currency, EU), and relatively little fundamental difference between Scotland's and the UK's economics that it probably does come down to a gut instinct: do you think we have the ability and the ambition to be a better place (accepting that there will be obstacles and setbacks), or are you a sceptical, risk-averse and happier settling for the Union? The difference between leadership or management, perhaps?
My view is that anyone who says it's an obvious choice isn't worth listening to. Sadly, that includes the politicians who haven't really served us well.

The British pushed the boundaries of academia and science to the limits - a world class legacy, but this has also been tempered especially in the upper classes and the media with the notion they are so much more moral and more wise than other people, coupled with the arrogance and self righteousness that has especially characterised much of their governance abroad. Maybe it just stems from a colossal naivety of non British culture and customs.
Unfortunately this Colonial Office mantle of arrogance and self righteousness has since been passed on to the BBC, also with all the naivety.

Just as the mainstream media has avoided covering Scottish independence in anything other than nationalistic & jingoistic terms (complete misrepresentation), so they have also avoided granting voice to resentments in the rest of the UK.

 In Quebec, 40 years of squabbling over independence has taken the economy out of the public sphere. But no more! And that's where supporters of independence fail - on bread-and-butter issues, which sidetrack from fantasy identity politics.

This summary of some of England's transgressions against Scotland is available at wiki at this page:

With great recent innovations from pharmaceuticals to Skyscanner to the distributed internet, Scotland's private sector is dynamic and promising.
We should vote for independence, so that we can have a dynamic, technologically modern and socially inclusive public sector to complement it.

It is more and more certain that we will have adjust maps of Europe after next week`s decision of nation. Cheers for Scots!

There is also a continual massive transfer of money to SE England for supposedly 'national' - non-regional - purposes.
This includes the BBC, The National Gallery, the ministeries, defense spending, ...
The Scottish fishing industry was considered 'expendable' in the CAP negotiations, in the interests of East Anglian wheat farmers.
I can't imagine say the Irish regarding their milk industry as 'expendable', or the Danes their bacon.

As a Unionist living and voting in Scotland - and who has also lived and worked in England - I have despaired of Westminster politicians, who from the first have patronised and bullied and failed to offer any positive case for the continuation of the Union. Have you tried bullying someone? It doesn't work does it.

London's metro population is now 14 million - nearly a quarter of the UK population and approaching three times Scotland's population.
The UK should go ahead focus where it matters:
- release greenbelt land for new construction around London
- reform laws to allow for more high density new construction (processes for acquiring bundles of real estate, compulsory purchase orders, change planning permission)
- invest in London rapid transit systems (underground lines, light rail, raised gauge cycle paths, more efficient road intersections, etc)
- a new eight-runway London mega-airport
The London government isn't just out of touch with Scotland; Westminster is even managing to fail London. No wonder we want to form a new independent state (while remaining in the EU, common market & free movement area; while continuing to share many aspects of British Isles culture).
Uniting under the English crown was a way for Scotland to secure a stable political and economic environment at the time (300 years ago). The alternative was a series of weak alliances with European powers (chiefly France) who weren't prepared or capable to defend Scotland and would always be prepared to give up Scotland to secure peace with the English.
Times change. Scotland no longer feels politically threatened by anyone, and the EU provides an economic framework in which it can live. Facing no existential threat, Scotland can afford to indulge in nationalism. And beyond nationalism, subsidiarity applies. Why should Scotland be ruled from London, and not Edinburgh? Surely the parliament in Edinburgh is more aware of Scottish needs and desires.
There is a natural entropy to any non-homogenous nation. Only external threats (political or economic) hold them together. There is a reason this didn't happen when the North Sea first produced oil: the Cold War. Look for more of the same in Catalonia, Corsica, Belgium and Italy.

Yes, the referendum will turn on (mystic) identity and (greedy) power. Not only in Scotland. Look at the ferment in Catalonia, in Veneto. If this goes on for another ten years Italy will return to be a "geographic expression". Why are national States unable to avoid their disintegration? What is wrong with them? What could / should they do to restore faith? How come that so many people prefer some times folkloristic local politicians to the traditional power elite? Why are so few capable and courageous women and men in the first line? Where do they hide? What should be done to get them in, selected, coopted, elected? Henri writing from Milan

In the EU, Italy and Belgium are the two states which would most benefit from regional breakup.
In Belgium, it's Flanders and Brussels that create all the wealth; Wallonia exists as a malign parasite. Wallonia's presence in Belgium results in higher taxes and transfer payments away from productive parts of the Belgian economy (retarding business activity, investment, consumption, public investment & growth). Wallonia's concentrated receipt of transfer payments results in a bloated public sector and prevents the region from developing economically.
Likewise on the North-South split in Italy (with the extra dynamics whereby bureaucracy, broken courts and a dysfunctional Rome government are destroying the vast wealth of Italy's North).
For more competition, economic growth and prosperity, we need to stop the inter-regional transfer payments. In extreme cases that requires breakup.
(If you are a proud Italian, you should probably demand the breakup of the Italian nation state. You can still enjoy Italian culture, business connections, frequent travel & friend/ family associations without a centralized and unitary state. Rome has failed and is killing the Italian economy.)
This article has the sad scent of hypocrisy which has permeated the half contemptuous somewhat alarmed response to what is essentially a watered down version of Russia's attitude towards Ukraine.
I would sum it up as 'why would you do that it is not in our - sorry we meant your interests'. It smells of self interest dressed up as mutual interest.
Many departing spouse's and progeny as well as almost every detaching national regions going on to an independent and adult suffer similar arguments the emotional core of is - how dare you think of yourself as separate of me. Your leaving diminishes me subordinate / dependent / chattel.
I don't have a dog in this fight but throughout I have heard something rare in the economist - a false tone , self interest dressed up as objective analysis or friendly advice.
What right do the English have 'to be furious' that the Scots - long an independent nation themselves before subdued to junior partner status have decided to stand on their hinder legs again stop blaming Westminster for all their ills and toss away the nappy under the kilt.
The self righteous and self seeking tone of the No campaign and the paternalistic streak demonstrated over the last months had not just diminished my respect for the objectivity of the Economist but much of the English Establishment.
I initially thought the Scots might be doing something foolish I now see they probably are better being out of this not as much abusive but more patronizing
I now feel it will be healthy for both (ex) partners

I think you have to hear what Scottish citizens are trying to say. To me the view seems to be 'we are tired of being pushed around by our larger cousin, where the bottom line is, we have ultimate say in what should be the predominant policies in your state.' I think it is right to want to hold onto ones culture, and be the ultimate authority in ones homeland. That should not mean the centuries of cooperation and shared identity should stop, however, we would be an independent country who works in very good friendship with their cousins to the south.

There are risks to 5 million people separating their economy from 50 million but nobody (IMF, EU etc) has any right to bully people out of building their future. The fact is the EU (with its politicians lobbied by bad bankers) has destroyed futures of next generations of periphery countries. Its done nothing relevant for Scottish identity.It should.nt behave like a big brother bully to Scotland. Indeed it should celebrate where regions have entrepreneurial identities that focus on trades distinctive from that which gets under-invested in when conglomerated in a larger country

But be v clear Scots need to identify their strengths. Some are obvious like being 1% of region of Europe accounting for 20% of fishing

Others need seize advantages of win-win knowledge trades. Scotland can liberates hundreds of million s of jobs around hte world by leading the nearly free nursing college movement and making a scottish version of the bbc the smartest public media of the net generation. And Scotland can lead the world of adam smith economics  http://valuetrue.com which is very different than te macroeconomic destruction that has drowned out so much of the net generation's potential around te world

A key question is how can the majority of scots who live outside scotland help the country develop its unique trades and prevent it from the bullies are behaving badly because they dont like a places people demonstrating how broken bureaurcrat banking and economics has bepome