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Thursday, September 11, 2014

There are risks to 5 million people separating their economy from 50 million but nobody (IMF, EU etc) has any right to bully people out of building their future. The fact is the EU (with its politicians lobbied by bad bankers) has destroyed futures of next generations of periphery countries. Its done nothing relevant for Scottish identity.It should.nt behave like a big brother bully to Scotland. Indeed it should celebrate where regions have entrepreneurial identities that focus on trades distinctive from that which gets under-invested in when conglomerated in a larger country

But be v clear Scots need to identify their strengths. Some are obvious like being 1% of region of Europe accounting for 20% of fishing

Others need seize advantages of win-win knowledge trades. Scotland can liberates hundreds of million s of jobs around hte world by leading the nearly free nursing college movement and making a scottish version of the bbc the smartest public media of the net generation. And Scotland can lead the world of adam smith economics which is very different than te macroeconomic destruction that has drowned out so much of the net generation's potential around te world

A key question is how can the majority of scots who live outside scotland help the country develop its unique trades and prevent it from the bullies are behaving badly because they dont like a places people demonstrating how broken bureaurcrat banking and economics has bepome

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