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Monday, December 27, 1971


 mathematicians with greatest clues on humansai - turing, von neumann, einstein, ... you tell us chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

hello many generations of my diaspora scot family see glasgow as their home capital; i have been working to connect youth across borders for a long time -between my dad and i we have worked on projects or surveyed 80 countries trying to connect positive innovations societies need

 i am associated with cop26 celebrations being led by youth at glasgow university union particularly on saturday nov 6

i heard on dec 24 that brexit involves ending british participation in erasmus and linking in turing

i would be very interested in connecting my friends with any of you wanting to work out how to do this so students win-win- we can organise zooms until we can get back to real prep for cop29 nov 2021

my father norman macrae was the futures correspondent for the economist for 40 years and in retirement he wrote the biography of von neumann; also he and i wrote the 1984 book dictionary ai and 2025 report by norman macrae and chris macrae now in its 37th year of counting down whether we humanise tech in time- one of our simplest scenarios was millennials needed to maximise fluency in 4 languages mother tongue, english, ai and chinese or japanese 


there are in my opinion so many community solutions to last mile crises that adam smith and james watt would have expected industrial and postindustral and green revolutions to be collaboratively done by and for the younger half of the world

worldwide under 30s scholars , action, deep data (lives matter) and entrepreneurial clubs are the way to leap forward from covid, carbon, badly designed health systems, universities sometime stuck in past silos and conflicts that old people mapped but which are blocking youth from being the first sdg generation

to discuss further please email or whatsapp me
chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk whatsapp +1 240 316 8157 (currently stuck in washington dc)

very rough blog updating 2025report.co for glasgow 2021 at  http://www.glasgow.com - if relevant please circulate freely - i am doing research of several dual language institutions and would happily connect language or cross cultural students

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i want to survey the different language societies at glasgow university to maximise win-wins both with your work and as everyone connects with glasgow cop26 - could have a look at https://www.facebook.com/GlasgowUniHispanicSociety  https://www.glasgowstudent.net/clubs/listings/hispanic-society/ do you think the best way to start would be you or me tries to contact the student president of the hispanic society;  possibly there is a small survey 1 are they interested in win-win -do they already do community service 2 how is the society planning to connect this and next student yearwith cop26 nov 2021  3 are they impacted by brexit/future separation of britsh students from erasmus- are they interested in uniting turing as a tech as well as linguistic exchange 4 what are the best ways they have found to zoom multicultural friendships etc? 5 are some members passionate about a specific collaboration they want other spanish societies to know about