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Saturday, May 29, 2021

afore ye go from/to cop26- whats education got to do with species extinction

 attenborough latest on extinction at british broadcasting


billion asian women celebrate only escape pathway from extinction we have been able to search since publishing 1984's 2025report and year 3 update at the economist by my father - q&a welcome chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

you can download ppt of  The Economist's & my father's 1986 survey - year 3 of 40 of 2025 report's species sustainability depends on education transformation or inside this blog see laser copy

connected references - 1984 starting 40 years of reporting whether educators will extinguish our species OR?

updating 1977-1962 asian rural keynsianism- the missing freedom curriculum jf kennedy sought but his assassination and 15 years of fearmongering out of dc destroyed

Two thirds of our species is Asian- abedmooc looks at asian women's number 1 Lesson from Moore's 5G to 0G decade

s- small by itself isnt beautiful but linking in big data small and humansAI is the future all parents of the sdg generation value most

AI Trillion times moore than 60's: Emperors & royals loveQ we peoples. Mobile who's sdg action webs do child, teacher & AI coder need to app? welcome to most exciting decade - to be or not to be that is the Q?

The Economist’s 33 year debate from 1986  on future of education www and sustainability of being human

82 why not silicon valley for all


may 2021 update - recommend oxford union host urgent debate on what the flip happened here - the flow could have been so wonderful until unesco fielded a luddite  (yes sue much to learn from brave failure 25 years ago of 100$ laptop or how the whole of berners lee web wss taken over since 1995 by bezos salesmen but we didnt need the unbearable lightness of thisunesco being -

 i sincerely trust anyone at un concerned with youth correct this at 2021 year-end review rewired21

2010 death of norman macrae - glasgow adam smith scholars and bangladesh women empowerment alumni start up journal of 21st c smithian moral intel needed to sustain our kids in preparing for 2020+ 260th year of humans and machines breaches humanity's last chance of designing the artificials real time service platforms replacing top down political chicanery and fake media (see year 16 update 2025 report on usa and anywhere 20th c drowned n fake media and risked sustainability faking everything)