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Sunday, October 31, 2021

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

moderator gillian great work 

subtitl ecan we beat climate crisis and who will pay for it- female moderatpr importantreherasla glasgow

100 billion dolar number will dev world find money it needs for gree

misleadinh will we find private sector flows

or other mdgs interventins

global -locap lperspective

risk green gets take over by bubble metality of markets


aiib philipinesd

ken british cop26 ambassaoor for regiob

wjy wait to july 1 2023 - paris alignement

why wait to then

we at aiib are not waiting - we are testing concepts t converge collaboratively on this

climate financng recaing 4-%=50% - no gap

domingiuez absurd philippines contributes 3% of emissions to world but as leader we commit to 75% reduction but where are teh rewards of living up to paris agreement

philipiness willshare our oraoadmap at cop26 - watch out!

we are pushing law ban single use plastics

also landmark projects - represneting all local conreners of filipmes including eg fish! - they have identified top 10 climate risks indueced by our country - while we move with ourgency very little promi8eses of west hacve happened - we need western responsibility to share theor buderen so most climate vlbneable countries get hustice; get chnace 

maldives we need accelerated effors by developed world - things small islands running out of times

hard to attract cliamte finace for maldives and all sisdd

we cant take mre loan s on climate - we have immediate peope development needs; we need predictable long term farmweworls on big risks insteasd of biggest countries chaning game every 4 yera election cycle or worse than that every eu or other g7 chnage

ken o'falaherty britsh common sense

aiib is leading among mdbs

mainstraming nature into banking thinking - reference

paris alignment is the correct date but who will be french political leader 20203 - why guterres has chsoen

dame asnne richards fidelity international

aligng paris agrement goals 2015-23

our firms role gather small pots of moey from families etc and invest into real economy - not starihghtfowrad process

at joining up klevel mdbs critocla role decarbon agendapharse paras alignement erferes to goal to 1.5% and why over 1.5% is not a viable galpost to cghange 

slip now futre slips ever gereater

clarify diference betwenn 1.5% and 2% to most vulnerabe

we are not moving fats enough - private investors can see publiv cpolicy maters - we need grand pledges made legally binding in law

banks / capat allocatrs can stiil do a lot - and how we include emrgeing econies in this - we need both just and rapid transitions - developed economies have longstanding ersponsbiliti9es for whole world picture

ability to give project verifiable approval can be huge in growing competence for money flowing where it needs o

1 operationally wgat can eg fidelity do within out own operation to be net zero by 2030 ; and how can we make portgliosd we manage for other peopel by 2030 what we call scope 3

- lever - fi eunds 800mn on behalf of other peopel - we defune policies but we dont want to shuffle problems onto oether peopels portfolios - thats where we need esg profiling o0f thsoe we invest in - even bad carbon comanies today - so they change

we are seeing exciting innovation /tech changes coming from those esg-ceos but we are losing teh time battle

we need to refrane the time at cop26-q what can blending finance eg between fi and mdb

q to lqun - your 40% reality pledge now please clarify - liwun numbers aim 50% of finacing by 2025 (our wjole span 2019-2030 will be 50 billion dolars ) large amount for new but small mdb - comare resorces of otheres mdbs - list

devekoped countriesd can work with bmdbs to be teh chnage they need to live up to

there is plenty of money floating around0 challenge os transparent reallocation - urgency climare adaparation.mitogation - doe we really beleive extinction on line

this is not exc[penditire - this has investemt returns across a generation but not teh short-term

regarding private sectirs resource s- need enabling enviroment toc hange confidence on teh colabration long trem napping

nb these are not tradeoffs with economic growth - they are tareoffs with each other

cf invetsing in ednding covid as // case

must retrn to investemnt medntality taht 1.5% is the goal to p-revent extinction

work through all tese issues by teh fdiferent majot sources of finaces

developed contries must play their part

one more question gillain- do you do blended with private at the moment - we do co-finanace but we dont give absdolute guarantees - we seek to enhnace the future mindset not guarantee indigidual private sector sources

at aiib we beleieve in esg farmeworks - where privalte sector ises tarsnparent esg framwoeworls as applied to claimte change finacing

q to dominguez

what will be local reactions if cop26 not seens s turning point by your people s- in philippines green colab of ahemces led by depattemt of finance has becme a syndergetic green frinance ecosystem - within our regio we are hitting ground running - we hope the raodmap we will share at galasgow will sinpire other developing countries

q to domingez - are you optimistic about galsgow - we awant to see speringvoard back to paris - thsi is 2

maldives - global finacial ecosystem grren finance still nit congruent

maldives may be small but our geo isuues impact big countriesd in region locally

our people are being given no discuont on green long term finace wheile needing uregent now invetsment eg leap from galsgow

o flaherty - 100 billion fund

specific sectirs needs to paly tehi9r part to o - eg transprorattion

dam erichards

carbon offest marekt needed

we need sustainability accounting principles 

at moment all out professoioan system ad hoc - separated

plouticl expediencey in sgp0rt-trem kepp overtrumping long term action/ pathways - total lack of future now transparecy in most urgently conflicted regionsd

audiemce qs to 

pres join - paria slignemnt july 2023 - detail roadmaps -mdbs in general;; aiib i particular - will a=ib publish this in a climate change action plan ? have other mdbs published theor own and tehor collaborative versions of this

jin -we are tryinh to pulish 1 group plans acrosos mdbs ; but also tarsnaprent country6 plans; it doesnt make sense to do one sumarry as a separate aiib action report at this stage - trying to fit teh win-win pieces (

 we are gearing to clarity bt paris 2023 - want all mdbs to common up with common feramework for thsi treportying ) we are not trailing mdbs

another tough question aiib spends twoce as much on fissin fuells as non fossils - idba regulation chalenge from kate geery - - ea tecommendation -- jin we are financing rebewables now 41%; will be 50% by 2025; in our eergy tratefy - we'll review 2022- over lat 6 uears no coal fired generation ; no coal ever considered; as frr gas reying to help poorest countries with rsnsition - not realistic to ban gas from least dev countries - when we do gas we want it to be transitional prohects

ro dame edwards - ant peogrew with 300 tn --- 

if only we could turn to different urposes -element of truth regulations get in way but aswe advance ssutainablevaccounting, kite mark - we must remember individualws =eed as pebsioners - risk appropritetramlimes ro futire - country by country change in these regulations very slow - in 30 years of work i hacvent seen change of mood like now but devil is in details - doesnt rrelly get it - tesponsibility safeguarding

question to  ameee maldives domingez/philippines

we need 100 bn to help bring down costs of green finance projects any way that is actionable out of our locality-derisk soveregn finance- we4 can make tjos specific - eg coatal projects;;  investment versus grnts - you cant separate - r=think of the goals- the grants need to imprice capavity of the peoples to be the community vitigators - ed skills educatuon , commujity building ; part 2 investmts with a return eg solar; 3rd elent climate finance must be subsidies- eg subisifiese geen to replace coal - there needs be accountability both by users of funds and big countreies responsibilit y to repeat brants incestms=nts subisies 3 different levels of bottom-up conections

more qs to jin

your pledge transparency aiib

1 climate change faster than normal versus bsiness as usual - how does aiib taking bith scenrios into its internalmodels of progrss climate mitigation;; how do we use aiib website to understanf t=your integrate climate model

jin as i say want to see ll mdbs come toge5her one b=voice wat we need at paris alignemnt 2023 - the investments we do are not to be done in business as usual manne;; infrastructure projects must all be adaptative - tech enabled infrastructure can be dufferent - not just old static metrics but combinatial consequence - changing social opportunities towards geen ecosystems - we are innovating non-business as usual projects .... last question how will aiib identify projects that fall in clmate finace - eg covid proects---- -distibuuish clinate vresus covid projects---yes climate an dovid fuancing sustems are not the same - in covid 199 we anted to help sustain health system s - deep basics last mile service and then longer term build forward of their health system ; so countries could deal with futire pandemics (vaccine accesss versus vaccine manufactiring capacity) - when it comes to climate chnage mitgation ist much nire complex 1 focus on renewablesd 2 energy efficiency projecst eg impriving trasnoport to be energy efficiennr 3 new techologies for improving while - what is important for societies to know what we are doing  - we will review our web... good news this is a frank discusion; we are connecting asian and other voices ; more good news we have heard who wants to collaborate; opportnity of ever more transparent- bad news gur=terres we are beond 1.5 - ever more catatrophe - angiesh poorest countries vis a vis rich countries - gap on 100 billion dollar  - thank you to panelists - lets see if after glasgow these sorts of debates rse with participation od all

if 100 bn dollar smoitmment from glasgow=============================

Flagship Seminar - Paris Alignment: Opportunities and Challenges