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Sunday, December 31, 1972

fazle abed


alumni knowhow?

fazle abed developed the most complete 50 year resolution of the economist's 1970 challenge- for millennials to be 21st c sustainability geeration bottom-up constitution models world be needed value multiplying win-win small enterprise networks not big corporate extractors, servant leadership community gov not big top down gov, deep local trustflow action foundations not bit advocacy charites

bangladesy became the world's lab for 2 innovative partnershi models pop ad pyp - see jim kim's definition of referential option poor - when dsigning parters of public and privatise triagularise by youth and educational transformation

see worldiwde goal 1 women empowerment partners of abed/brac in schools, university, 4 types of financilal model ultra, microf, sme city bank, digital cash for poor

Tuesday, December 26, 1972

bill gates is ranked near to the west's greatest giver in money and probably the most in money and his and melissa's time

their foundation seems to be extraordinary at two movements- searching out solutions that can scale elsewhere- looking for holes i urgent system challenges- much of vaccine logistics during corona crisis has needed gates connections and ensuring that gavi is trusted by hundreds of cultures
bill gates became one of sir fazle abed's great co-learners from 2005 - bottom up health, and fintech from about 2014

it took gates quite a long time to find these deep solutins to extreme poorest, and it is probable that he was first introduced to abed's solutions by jim kim who had himself spent a lot of time searching for eg bottom up tuberculosis solutions

(when it comes to education solutions. bill gates does not seem to overlap with fazle abeds deepest innovations)

alternatively sir fazle says that one of the first silicon valley people to encourage up of the unique contributions bangladesh could transfer to the world was the wife of steve jobs 

complicated are connections with microsoft ai- while some wonderful ai opportunities could be realised havent heard the gates' talking independently about ai though melinda clearly contributes to some pars of un's understanding of digital cooperation


Sunday, December 24, 1972

turing einstein von neumann 3 mathematicians essential to life on earth

you don't need to be able to do the maths of these 3 greatest of human intellects to be informed by their discoveries; i would go as far as to say in this tech age that any teacher, of 10+ or member of government who isn't informed should consider another job

turing has one huge significance - he proved a particular way in which the human mind will always be ble to innovate what computers cannot- today the analytical capacity of most smart devices may be greater than your brain especially it can be connected to any number of other digital brains

but turing proved that a computer can never know what data its looking at in such senses as it is whole or partial; could data be connected at a more detailed level ; turing also proved why recursion enables humans to improve learning cycle after cycle in a way that computers can never qute match

turing's findings dovetail nicely with einstein's most general finding- einstein proved that when scientific man says there is noting left to innovate he means unless we model interactions at a smaller/deeper level than our measuremnts approximated

einstein alsohad models on exponential consequences which led to his famous letters with gandhi- their gist if the human race is to survive one day all leaders will need to long-term and trustworthy like gandhi

einstein also had comments about western education - why dont we give kids any experience in team work and collaborating which in the 21st century will be far more important than competing and soiloising

von neumann is one of the most interesting human stories i can imagine - i am biassed my dad norman macrar wrote the bio of von neumann

neuman was born in budapest hungrayin 1903 dying in usa 1957- he spent just under half his life in usa arriving 1931- you can split his american life nto two halves; up to 1945 he became the man america relied on most to develop nuclear; he spent in last 12 years to 1957 doing perhpas 100 years of work- his immediate legacy was the moon race and the programable computer's start up of 2 artificial intel labs- one pacific cast facing out of stanford the other atlantic coast facing out of mit

when nearly 200 nations met at the san francisco opera house to give birth to the united nations in 1945 the chances for species survival looked poor; by 1957 von neumann had linked together tech that gave humans hope all over the world

Wednesday, July 19, 1972

British Version of Khan Academy born 1972
On my 21st birthday I first became aware of UK National Development Project for Computer Assisted Learning (after MA in statistiocs from Corpus Christi Cambridge, epicentred around university of leeds it was my first and most fun employer

Over next 4 years we demonstrated how 300 students per hour could be linked into statistic practivce through online terminals in 10 class rooms distributed across 4 north of england universities

What did we learn about futures of what?
Note that navigating the timeline of spending 4000 times more on global commns tech (2030 versus 1946) the period 1972-1976 straddles 4th and 5th seven-year period of doubling of spend on global (death of distance communications technology) ie only 16 times to 32 times

1972-1976 My fathers learnings were shared with world leaders through these two surveys in The Economist

Between 1976-1983 more interviews with leaders from every hemisphere convinced us:
doubling of spend on global communications would go on through first quarter of century of 3rd millennium

this could only lead to sustainability of millennials if such invetsment in media linked in every youth's learning not every advertisers PR commands

the worldwide web (ie networks or computers personally affordable) would begin in the next 7 year period

the post-industrial revolution could be the happiest education and jobs creating revolution of all time but only if the human race mapped every way to prevent the alternative endgame or orwell's big brotherdom

Fast forward to sample of links that inspire the 2010s -in memoriam Norman Macrae 1923-2010
-help us complete his last project -partners in publishing world record book of job creation
#2030now world bank jim kim transcripts on defining social movements of net generation shared with 50000 alumni of first CTW MOOC

Adam Smith, Science & Human Nature by Professor Skinner (The Principal of Glasgow University kindly hosted a joint remembrance party to Andrew Skinner and Norman Macrae)

Notes from Mandela University Fantasy Game started in 2001

Back in 1984 our youth economics and educators guide to net generation freedoms to 2025 anticipated that early in 21st C discrepancies in incomes and expectations of rich and poor nations would compound humanity's greatest risks, and open education curricula crisis