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Tuesday, December 26, 1972

bill gates is ranked near to the west's greatest giver in money and probably the most in money and his and melissa's time

their foundation seems to be extraordinary at two movements- searching out solutions that can scale elsewhere- looking for holes i urgent system challenges- much of vaccine logistics during corona crisis has needed gates connections and ensuring that gavi is trusted by hundreds of cultures
bill gates became one of sir fazle abed's great co-learners from 2005 - bottom up health, and fintech from about 2014

it took gates quite a long time to find these deep solutins to extreme poorest, and it is probable that he was first introduced to abed's solutions by jim kim who had himself spent a lot of time searching for eg bottom up tuberculosis solutions

(when it comes to education solutions. bill gates does not seem to overlap with fazle abeds deepest innovations)

alternatively sir fazle says that one of the first silicon valley people to encourage up of the unique contributions bangladesh could transfer to the world was the wife of steve jobs 

complicated are connections with microsoft ai- while some wonderful ai opportunities could be realised havent heard the gates' talking independently about ai though melinda clearly contributes to some pars of un's understanding of digital cooperation


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