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Wednesday, July 19, 1972

British Version of Khan Academy born 1972
On my 21st birthday I first became aware of UK National Development Project for Computer Assisted Learning (after MA in statistiocs from Corpus Christi Cambridge, epicentred around university of leeds it was my first and most fun employer

Over next 4 years we demonstrated how 300 students per hour could be linked into statistic practivce through online terminals in 10 class rooms distributed across 4 north of england universities

What did we learn about futures of what?
Note that navigating the timeline of spending 4000 times more on global commns tech (2030 versus 1946) the period 1972-1976 straddles 4th and 5th seven-year period of doubling of spend on global (death of distance communications technology) ie only 16 times to 32 times

1972-1976 My fathers learnings were shared with world leaders through these two surveys in The Economist

Between 1976-1983 more interviews with leaders from every hemisphere convinced us:
doubling of spend on global communications would go on through first quarter of century of 3rd millennium

this could only lead to sustainability of millennials if such invetsment in media linked in every youth's learning not every advertisers PR commands

the worldwide web (ie networks or computers personally affordable) would begin in the next 7 year period

the post-industrial revolution could be the happiest education and jobs creating revolution of all time but only if the human race mapped every way to prevent the alternative endgame or orwell's big brotherdom

Fast forward to sample of links that inspire the 2010s -in memoriam Norman Macrae 1923-2010
-help us complete his last project -partners in publishing world record book of job creation
#2030now world bank jim kim transcripts on defining social movements of net generation shared with 50000 alumni of first CTW MOOC

Adam Smith, Science & Human Nature by Professor Skinner (The Principal of Glasgow University kindly hosted a joint remembrance party to Andrew Skinner and Norman Macrae)

Notes from Mandela University Fantasy Game started in 2001

Back in 1984 our youth economics and educators guide to net generation freedoms to 2025 anticipated that early in 21st C discrepancies in incomes and expectations of rich and poor nations would compound humanity's greatest risks, and open education curricula crisis

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