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Saturday, December 28, 2013

#br2 #br6 solar economics evident in washington dc since 1980s - but politicians of both parties saw no money in it for them

 while solar panel economics has been rising since 1980s , it offers much less profit to utility distributors- one of the 5 least sustainable business sectors in usa

question whatever happened to obams promise to create green jobs

update new year 2021

re 40 years microsolar revolution - do you  know bob www.self.org/mission-history  - cofounder neville williams -  president carter's solar tsar  -1996 gave yunus knowhow solar in bangladesh village mobile-  bobs wife chinese speaking  gave solar inland china - nobody scales solutions like chinese village women-  i am sure you all can map more who's massive green open spaces who- in 2021 my resolution  research collab of 4 summits in last 4 months of 2021  if we get to 2022 beijing winter olympics- motivated by poverty goal 1 young  partners  at abed university which - started mapping aa one of 2 chinese in 2016 at fazle abed's 80th birthday  1of4nov 21 www.xglasgow.com my friends know how to linkin youth cop26- 14 years hubbing glasgow from 2007 began with muhammad  yunus who messed up but what scots needed www in years 250-260 of machines & man started at GU  by watt & smith #2ny unga76- new lead japan  translating DAD'S bio of von neumann who's legacy= 1960s moon race and startup of 2 artificial intel lab -pacific coast stanford, east coast mit #3 december dubai expo- again there but  10 years earlier  london i hubbed with  middle east architect and builder of uae cities- he's helping find most peaceful uae connections #4 ?? -  originally vienna and netherlands round ban ki- moon but that network unsettled by covid -conversely friends in lucknow india, barcelona singapore hong kong and korea keep accelerating youth rising  do you have big date in 2021-- i have no money in sponsoring any of above so can swap apart from glasgow which 5 gens of both sides of itinerant family see as our community capital anyone to add to this group?- we can do a virtual open space to start 2021? chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk wash dc  whatsapp and wechat + 1 240 316 8157 chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk family foundation of the economist's norman macrae

more at www.economistgreen.com 

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