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Sunday, January 1, 1984

 dear professor brunori

i note that we both support content for joumal of social business which zasheem ahmed and i tried to launch from 2008 round the view that adam smith would celebrate women empowerment economic solutions of the sort that bangladesh's deepest partners have developed over 50 years

- i have taken young journalists to bangladesh 15 times since 2007 and hope we now know the differences in markets such as health, food security, education, technology for the poor-  between deep microfinance and that which gets taken over by big finance

my father norman macrae life's work tried to unite east and west in ending poverty and celebrating empowering uses of technology- he always preferred bottom up but large scale models for celebrating small enterprise networking not big organisational systems per se- in fact his 1976 survey in the economist was translated and celebrated by romano prodi- italy like scotland has connected many deeply cultural solutions benefiting communities and families everywhere

2021 seems to me to be the most urgent year of my lifetime so i am having a go at assembling people from every major city who value franciscan and youth civic engagement

calendarwise, i believe that inter alia 
un76 september ny
rome g20
glasgow cop26
dubai/uae expo dec
can connect continuous solutions/ momentum to return to human sustainability

in 1984 i co-authored http://www.2025report.com with dad - as well as timelining sustainability goals we argued that how edutech continuously changed education would be the deepest determinant of good livelihoods and millennials being the sdg generation

i am doing various research for coalitions of new universities inspired by the economic development models that bottom billions youth need

i would like to find out whether our networks could focus on any spefific supporting actions in 2021 and i am especially interested to connect with franciscans - it was paulo friere that inspired bangladesh village empowerment action learning; i did travel to the vatican including http://www.premiosciacca.it  twice in 2015 to try to understand whether any usa universities wanted to help change curricula in line with pope francis encyclicals as well as the launch of sdgs - the reality in usa is universities economic and quantitative professional models are very difficult to change - but if there is ever going to happen then leaping forward from covid and truly transforming to green and reinvesting more in youth and less h arms needs to be 201's contribution to history

sincerely chris macrae whatsapp/mobile +1 240 316 8157 washington dc

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