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Tuesday, January 31, 1984

glasgow josb.city join 10th year since launch by adam smith scholars of journal of 21st c economics and moral focus on sustainability generation exponentials and 38th year of the economist book on sustainability deadlines 2025report.com -dedicated to 20 million diaspora scots and irish as well as those whom london's empire era colonised within our 2 islands -join youth movements cop26 nov2021

 chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk writes: in 1984 we first published www.2025report.com  with norman macrae sub-editor of the economist- what if parents valued kids enough to co-create the first sustainability generation by 2025? 

lessons to add to matt ridley's obituary of macrae

norman foresaw 2 opposite futures with little systematically spinning in between - 2025 report focused on actioning positive networks- asked any journalist who worked with him to focus on optimistic questioning and loving diversity of peoples and places- he was well aware that media and systems could spiral the exact opposite- for example hitler's hatred was spread because he had monopoly use of audio recorders that propagated bad messages endlessly while his opponents had to make each radio speech live

norman had served as a teenager in allied bomber command stationed in modern-day myanmar- he was desperately sad to see how much poverty existed across two thirds of human race living in continental rural asia - a "systems" consequence of how both british and japanese empires had ruled the ocean waves

when norman macrae died. glasgow university friends helped us to launch the journal of social business dedicated to norman's rural keynessianism heriones - asian village mothers and those educators, engineers and economist who helped them commubnity build nations

economistdiary.com - 2021 is our37th annual countdown year - we don't know where humans will first come back to celebrate real relationships but we'll dream that glasgow cop26 may be part of the party- 260 years after james watt and adam smith started mapping who'll use machines for what -see or zoom with you in 2021 particularly at glasgow university union saturday nov 6 -chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk


ps my father was also the biographer of john von neumann - he  believed that the 2020s would be the decade that determined the sustainabilty of the human race- who would help they younger half of the world humanise artificial intel -our search continues eg with the games of worldrecordjobs.com

does your city have an editorial council who shares our dreams and civic engagement actions with youth rsp chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

10 readings from 10 years of journal on new economics edited by adam smith scholas inspred by bottom billion asian girls community empowered solutions

                            1/10 -questions welcome chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk, washington dc

more at www.economisthealth.com

excerpts from journal of social business volum 1 now in its 10th year of being edited by adam smith scholars

volume1no.1 jan 2011 p219

ask chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk if you would like free copy of whole paper

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