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Monday, December 31, 1984

a billion women (& families) have done the hard networking over 50 years to lead the way to sustainability generation but there are 6 x factors the younger half of the world must do now- by xfactors we mean urgent priorities in every tech or other leap we 7.5 billion peoples can celebrate or do -if we don't collab and fix this coming out of how broken our health systems were when tested by covid, when nature gives us her final exam we will go the way of the dodo

three Xfactors continue the 50 years connections mapped below that became the world's largest ngo network chaired by fazle abed -  XPoor XWomen XYouth - each of these halves of the world have less than 10% of financial, voting or organisational power- unless those Adam Smith beseeched to morally care -eg parents relentlessly support advancing the human lot

XAI Xgreen Xinfrastructure - 3 xfactors have never converged as challenges before the 2020s though they have been expected ever since john von neumann alumni started gifting humans 100 times more tech every decade starting with 1960s moon race - technically hubs at stanford and mit boston have the longest action learning links to what sustainability will need blending human and artificial, digital and real, man and nature made,  local and worldwide systems (eg nature's health which integrates local service leaders)- at economistdiary.com we seek to table events up to Unsummitfuture 2023 where these 3 transformative Xways are illuminated  - we than 4.6 billionaire yidan for helping education keep up with this, and our diary suggested that platforms like bloomberg live are publicly testing leaders SDG truths or Blah Blah- but are any teachers or youth themselves converting fast changing curricula

only a miracle can save us know xglasgow.com update cop26 nov 2021

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Power of Abed Partners: Journal free, digital family who ed journal, tech @1.5 bkash.com

diary oct 28: all time extinction maps 0 1 2 . 3 4 . 5 . 6 .7 - to be or not to mute X

To voters HG Wells civilisation=race between education & catastrophe -fast track here

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Billionnaires like Gates (Melinda : Bill), Soros ; Yidan , Royals of UK, Netherlands, Japan ..., Public servants eg Gordon Brown, Antonio Guterres, Global Socio-Economic leaders: Schwab, Drayton; Medics eg Jim Yong Kim, Paul Farmer .. Youth/Girls leaders ..Henrietta Fore, Reeta Roy, Sheika Moza ... Fazle Abed: What I can't do is make you the most money, what we can try and do is share the most meaning of your life- a family that took up this challenge the Quadirs built collab 1.5 www.bkash.com; and edited innovations out of MIT boston where Artificial Intel was born to advance Von Neumann's legacy, About 15 years ago google.org began around the AI of pandemics, anyone know why silicon valley failed to make that the number 1 race of the dawn of 5g?

- if you/friends know any of above leaders please ask them (urgently between now and unsummitfuture.com ==: can they refer us to any other miracle workers of massive collabs? how do we learn/do? otherwise if there is only one SDGs massive collab like Fazle Abed please improve our notes on the hows. where to access, next steps - from the 50 years of work of fazle abed 1970-2019, let's start by mapping 36 Collabs -

There are different ways to learn from 100 million womens work over the last 50 yeras but adam smith scholars at the journal of new economics have helped with this view as we paid 15 visits to experience Fazle Abed's last decade

PREVENTING EXTINCTION What 100 million women did over 50 years to markets of 1 Finance 2 Food 3 Health 4 Education 5 100% community inclusion 6 X:next gen urgency

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@1.5 bkash.com other miracles 1.1 change aid ; 1.2 microfinance, 1.3 ultra poor; 1.4 just-in-time brac city bank ensures national value chain by/for poorest; 1.6 brac intl hq netherlands 50th year of Abed-Anglo-Dutch networking

edcation is sou of brac dna with 100000 coworkers 4.1 4.2 4.3 4.4 4.5 4.6

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abed' rookie entrepreneurial mistake - 1972 spends life savings building homes for 100000 villagers only to find women dying of starvation- urgent was village food business - 2.1 microfranchise rice production (borlaugs 10 times more ) , 2.2 veggies for vitamins -turns out 100000 metavilage doubly great platform - test solutions, demo to potential partners; becomes first of 6 platforms for 100% community partnering 5.2 5.3 5.4 5.5 5.6; together food solutions  2.3 2.4 2.5 2,6 map 14 national value chains to be led so poorest can build sustainable nation

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back in 1972 Abed started celebrating 5 dimensions we now call sgds 1-5- BUT

WHAT HAPENNED IN Abed turned his biggest mistake into the first collab; having been UK_Dutch Shell Oil's rising Asian Star Abed the Engineer knew how to build village homes- he put his life savings into rebuilding 15000 homes for 100000 people which had been flattened by the war of independence; oxfam who gave him a matching grant rated this most efficient project ever (about 5 dollar cost per home) but Abed saw he had created another disaster-as he walked round the metavillage tens of mothers were dying a week of starvation; scores of infants of dehydration - what village mothers needed were replicable food growing or last mile health service businesses; microfranchises could be very small but BRA-Collab (Bangladesh Rural Advancement) needed to had to design in positive cash flows and train previously illiterate village womem- fortunately a billion impoverished chinese and by1970 the fastest growing economy yet seen (japanese friends) had already designed village microfranchises round much more efficient village rice entrepreneurs (applying miracle knowhow of borlaug) and barefoot village medics - hence 5 dimensions

goal 1 -finance to end poverty started with 1.1 change aid design village owned business not charity, only find global partners who have one world changing innovation they want local village women to est for simplicity of replication

sdg2 2.1 rice science to end tstrvation; 2.2 veggies for vitamin nutrition;

sdg 3 health - 3.2 one last mile health servive microfranchise- 3.1 one solution that could prevent hundreds of milllions of infant deaths;

sdg4.1 co-workers who could skills train village mothers-

and now 5.1 instead of his metavilage becoming a mass morgue it could be the world's number 1 collaboration platform including 100% productive women- the metavillage was unique Collab in the world for partners who wanted to test massive sdg solutions to empower worlds poorest village mothers

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-within 7 years this was the sort of womens enetrepreneurial culture prospective partners would meet; and since 90% of bangladesh comprised villages with the same life-shaping challenges- brac was ready to help bangladesh women build the nation and in terms of open knowledge sharing but not financing chinese village women who were being told to find ways to be as productive as men happily swapped ideas

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