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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Abed Bhai from poverty alleviator to new university coalition builder
Unlike machines humans are networked by positive or negative energies- positive intels include faith, hope, love, trust, courage to appear communally strong to those depending on you. when villagers have no access to electricity grids, at ground level these values are not advertised their empowerment depends on the reality of one to one, and one to village circles of up to 40 people.For the first 3 decades of fazle abed's empowerment of women and rural nation building all solutions to safety, health, education, love (professional do no harm), finance depended on bracs front line service co-workers and millions of villagers person to person integrity.

As we entered the new millennium the 64 year old fazle abed could see early partnerships in the vilage arriving round solar electricity and mobile phones. he spent his last twenty years searching for the deepest partnerships ngo world has ever linkedin- but he also knew he would see whether these technologies would need to be useed if youth were to become the sustainability generation. even as he never left his first love serving villagers he started to debate the idea that only new universities could complete the dream of a poverty-free world

Being born 1951 the greatest lesson of my lifetime- how the worlds poorest women developed 3 billion lives away from poverty and early death to a better life

which university network do you go to learn these sgd foundations:

spefifically how 5 markets mattered most from bottom up-SHELF
safety, health, education, loving-leaders, finance,

Village*Engineering*Satellite coms*Tech-analytics*Youth
which 2 of the 5 solutions americans discovered in 1950s mattered
 most to save the two thirds of the world who are asian and who
 had mainly been trapped by the way british empire ruled the waves
of the mercantile era and the first 16 decades of machines and humans
started up at glasgow u 1760s by adam smith and james watt

how did the far east coastal belt 4 islands and one peninsular apply these innovation innovations from 1960-1975

how did the hardest work ever done by women or men network across rural continental asia 1975-2000 without access to electricity grids but my multiplying the best of womanpower and manpower
if you connect with brac university to become joyfully aware of the above lessons and how to 5-factor the 17 sdgs--
 you will be ready to apply the other frameworks that sir fazle abed spent 50 years demonstrating until the largest ngo partnership in the world linked in round brac at his time of death 2019
these are 
the 5 global markets UNITS parents should demand young half of world own most share in IE University, Infrastructure-Nature, Tech, Sports
the 5e's of microfranchising and the 5 value chains of development economics

and partner wizards of poverty leapfrog ahead of each 1G to 5G decade- eg because village women never hand landline telephones what did they invent when first partering with mobile phones

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