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Sunday, September 6, 2020

last chance american parents to tell gov to stop lying

take for example maths teaching- american schools have always been a worst benchmark at this- why do parents let public servamts lie about this

to understand the problem search for how best maths guys grew up in pre-computer age

my family spent a lot of time studing how von neumann learnt - see our biography
 he grew up in early 20th century vienna- living above a parade of shops; most of the kids were home schooled to 12 sharing each others stockcounting chores; sharunf family meals in the tighknit jewish trsdition- johnny was spotted as one of the 12 best numbers guys as a 12 year old in vienna- annuaaly the best 12 year old class would get its own progessional schooling- rasther like sports stars might be apprenticed- before johny went to university he has been coached to make a short list of mathematical challenges at least one of which he would lead the solution of

america was extraordinarily lucky because a whole group of young graduate central europeans like johny ane einstein wanted to emigrate to somewhere that loved them unlike hitler's ascent through the 1930s- egotististical government leaders dont nurture mathematicians capable of serving humanity

sadly for johny in usa 1940 he had become world's lmost netwrked mathematician of both nuclear and programable computing- to serve the war effort he spent most of the 1940s on nuclear science which was to lead to his early death 1957

he got less than a decade to work on the most exciting maths ever- programable computers- whats inreresting is even in 1950 johny wasnt free of gov researxch conracts specifying how he shuold develop computing- so he worked day time on that and through the night on open sourcing computer programing

the government and his researh university princeton were furious but johny managed to leak all his open source ideas which mainl went nothh of princeton t0o ibm in new york and to boston- johns final months were spent on brain science - ie what would be the challenges of teaching 20th century kids so they humanised machines not the other way round- this lecture series was given to yale- postumously johny's wide delivered the inaufual class in brain science

-why on earth given such a headstart did maths school trachers not wake up to everything maths teaching could learn from johnny

fisrst at primary level dontclassroom  examine kids telling the how many errors they made - that ruins confidence-help the expeientially learn
dont ever ever let governments over specify research contracts for mathematicians

remember all this was critical in the era up to 1970 when the slide rule wy typically the smartest numbers tool avialable in classrooms

how computer science teaching could be invented from 1970 needed to be openly debated not controled by big government and teachers unions who prefer to examine old facts instead of explore what was to beome 99% new to the world knowhow

fortunate;y enough of johnny's spirit landed at mit - a graduate colege where students are celebrated more for starting up a better for the worl inventionthan being examined as certifiable- something very strange happened at the same time- deming who had become the world's best coach on smart engineers lives matter was banned from consulting by americas auto companies which preferred bossing its workers- deming could only get work in japan- not only did they develop better engines but instead or automakers ruling over how 2000 parts were made each part was subcontracted to a sme netwrk to be best at - this asian model produced not onlly better car engines but the tools needed for bullet trins, container docking- 100 times more efficient than previus dockinh- asain engineering networks sprea to korea and taiwan- the trade made hong kong ang singapore the worlds greatest shipping crossroads- all of asia stated rising- in addition japan became best at manufacturing smart electronic consumer goods - quartz watches, pocket calculators

intel who was still the world leading silicon chip producer got its largest ever order from a japanese calculator firm- so as not to be over-dependent intel innovated the programable computing chip- as this happened in 1965 gordo moore issued a challenge - who'd netwrk around him to multip chipa analytica power over each of the next 6 decades until in the 2020s a dollar chip had as much capacity to analyse as the human brain

-n this way moore picked up neumanns computing baton- within 7 years so many office spaces were llinking in with moores challenge that the whole region was branded silicon valley- fortunately the only american university specifically founded t celebrate the future of a state's youth - ie stanford - was in the middle of the valley- so although america's k-12 classrooms generally speaking never got beter at helping students love maths america had a stake in determining whjether knowledge machines would be humanised or would be used by governments to big brother the world- better yet the genni was out of the bottle- while n america represents the dreams of 5% of the human race- the third quarter of 20th centiry saw the smarest human ungineering ciastal belt in the world linkin all far east islands anf the korean penisular- remember two thirsds of humans are asians- the age of empires that ended with world war 2 and the start of the un at san francisco opea house 1945 meant asia pacific not atlantic people would be the centre of gravity of whether the maths and maps of the sdg geneartion were found just ahead of time - game on 2020s - while decoupling asia be the most destructive of all of trumps folie granduers as the least mathematical person ever to have had superpower, if universities of the sdg generation are to be distributed across mothers earth in ways that fit with nature's evolution rules its asian youth as the vast majority of the younger half of the world who will just do it - humanise ai link 5g to all sorts of smart devices some controled by humans some being smart city platforms, other collecting rovig drone data as farmers and climate resoltion experts will need

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