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Thursday, July 8, 2021

why sustainability will depend on ai places

 corporations may be the fastest way consumption is scaled but sustainability is about how deeply diverse and intergeneration system governance is- could this be changed by a fusion of esg experts and ai ones geared to purpose of biggest market sectors?

in reviewing place ai

some smart cities eg singapore dubai offere execleent benchmarks

the federal gov of usa and of eu lags far behind- you need endineers not lawyers, you need statistican of deep diversity not noisy hatemakers exhibited by the worst of politicking and of propganda media

there is a hope that the united nations is learning very fast #aiforgoods- can it turn each sustainability goal into ai platforms

we welcome posting of best in kind ai - have a look at www.futureoflife.org to see the diversity of professions who care- eg there ate so many ai models that could have been quickly developed to beat corona but have not because the virus exploits both professional and governance silos

when it comes to glasgow its not obvious that the tradional powers who run cop26 have enough practice in ai but who knows just as defeating the virus has called for community partnerships never seen before , could green leap ahead if we design glasgow to maximise teaching curriculum youth need to be the sdsg generation and minimise the usual suspects of noisy media platforms

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