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Friday, July 9, 2021

preventing extinction- the view from glasgow

since scots started the age of humans and machines in the 1760s with first engineer james watt and first moral world trade mapmakers adam smith, we are naturally concerned that 7.5 billion people stop being pied pipered to extinction

it seems that engines now have 4 applications- IR = Industrial Revolutions - which can be applied to exponentially advance or extinguish human development

the first two
IR1 machines for energy - eg trains electricity building cities cooking or freezing cars planes nuclear

IR2 communications eg telegram telephone radio tv satellite

were unnaturally applied mainly by the legislatures of7 white empires resulting in world war 2 and the hope that united nations could mediate the very opposite to IR1 and IR2

according to scottish diaries the 3rd and 4th IR emerged from 12 years of brilliant mathematical woek of john von neumann from day world war 2 ended

my father, norman macrae, wrote john von neumanns biography -these are the clues he used to mediate at the economist 1948-1990 consequences of von neumann which he then summarised in the biography

there will be 100 times more analytic power every decade from 1957 - von neumann's death- this will last to the 2020s or longer- never in human experience has change compounded so fast- if humans couldnt design IR1 and IR2 without world wars, it is logical to ask will we mediate ir3 and it4 without extinction

within 4 years of von neumann's twin AI labs (Stanford, MIT) were set up to research 
IR4 - a tine in the future where machines take over governance from humans of life critical systems because only they can cope with real times response to data being generated from every GPS on earth

IR3 is every other way peoples livelihoods change as we move from 1960s where slide rulers and paper analysis was the norm to unlimited analytic power and digital updating of intelligence humans operate

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