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Monday, July 19, 2021

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2002 founding the university of billion poorest village women;; 2019 legacy inspiration for collaboration of 100 universities replacing graduates of extinction with something smarter, greener, happier, healthier in every community

sadly old us universities have become specialists in putting students in debt and brainwashing masters of extinction- so how we change how young people spent their first 11, 15, 17, 21.. years of life- who would you want your daughter to be a practitioner of

for 50 years fazle abed co-created hybrids of solution empowering a billion women villagers to build sustainability out of regions mainly the british had colonised or excluded from world trade; in his second 25 years whilst not diluting his village studies he started connecting with japanese and silicon valley entrepreneurs bracnet, and in 2001 he opened a university; now he had 3 platforms to partner sdg worlds most collaborative entrepreneurs with

the 100000 person meta village

the brac net

the brac university

but in his last decade abed one further; by now his worldwide ngo partners were the largest network; could they help unite 100 universities students in all the missing work millennials would need to entrepreneur if they were to be the first sdg generation out of every gps coordinate; for sure this would require an unprecedented blending of von neumanns machine intel, youth brains and mother natures dynamics out of every coordinate on earth - game on


josb.city celebrating the 10th year of adam smith scholars journal of social business dedicated to fazle abed - imagine if every college celebrated a student union club that created jobs connecting last mile services every community needed- sample our sustainability generation case studies - top 7 reads from abed archives: who'll partner 1 higher ed in poorest countries -more coming soon or ask personal tour of archives - chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk


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