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Monday, February 11, 2019

we convened muhammad yunus 69th birthday party in dhaka in 2009 with journalists (both students and a world lass nature broadcaster bbc paul rose) and brac- dr yunus main birthday wish was that a journal of social business be developed with adam smith scholars at glasgow university

over t\he last decade we have found the following world record job creators alumni networks to be optimal in understand how village girl empowerment developed between 1972 and 2007

direct family of muhammad yunus
alumni of fazle abed
mahbubani in explaining sequence of reconiciliataion of old empire across asean
shheika moza in chairing the inaugural education laureates celebeating sir fazle abed and linking all of mahbubanis (and so lee kuan yews perspectives)

of course history has provided many learning networks that girl empowerment drew on
livelihood schooling has been inspired by montesorri gandhi and paul freire
the idea that american could fund bottom up was developed by the hunger project in its formative years around lynne twist
americans have helped directly eg paul polak initially wuth treadle pump irrigation but on many appropriate tech ways since and indirectly borlaug's crop science started most food security revolutions though its application to rice in asian villages seems to have been led out og 1970s japan china and bangaladesh

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