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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Fazle Abed began desing a foema orgasoatoonal syste - the ngo partnershisp of brac in 1872 - 11 yeras before Muhammad Yunis was formal;y licned to run an organsaotionl system by speial ordinance (Brameen Bang Bangladesh 1983)

what fazle abed dod was to bridge his connections as previously shell's mational ceo and witj disaster reliefagencies (fazle had survised a cyclone that kiled hal a million epopel around him) ; he sat down in onerurakl regions for aboyt 7 yeras at catalogyed the top 20 ways local community people could be livelihood trained to be self-sufficent- thes eincluded rebuilding minimul safe homes with pit latrines- many food security soluitions- many local healtyh solutions; in effect all of the 4  primary sdgs came into play with the fifth one- empower gorlds to develop as much of the nmation as boys; once faxle ahd hisr fkirst 20 solutiob- he needed to thinl about value chains at 4 levels
one region
across 200000 vilages

and he needed to maximise the number of solutions that cpuld scale as bottom up income generation replicable franchises wholst optmising what "gove firectly" funds were requested - either by being there to bridge relief and development or because a glpobal charity could see a demonstarble need- eg teach eb=very mother how to orally rehydrate her infannts - a solution which saved fully one quaryter of infants lives and chnaged population dysmaics so that vilage moters were no longer cultirally epxected to breed 10 children in th hope that 2 boys woyld survive (this had been the ooperating cultire in region wiuth zero engine power- where literaally all distribution depended on manpower - in rural bangladesh the rickshaw was effectively the only distribution device)

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