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Mindset; my first job was with a British version of Khan Academy in 1972; when father, Norman Macrae, at The Economist saw this he changed priority of questions he asked leaders on how they were investing in youth. Spending 4000 times more on global coms tech 2030 versus 1946 would only be sustainable let alone economic if learning was core to every investment in millennials. invites you to join in reporting irreversibility's last chnace to design smartest learning media humans have ever raced around

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

2nd and 3rd languages can be 10 times more affordable to learn

your mother tongue chinese and english - ecah offers a passport to world of learning and livelihoods- peer to peer practice spaces can be connected on web and resl communities making 2nd and 3rd langiages 10 times less costly to learn for everyone who wants to converse with youth worldwide

todays under 30s can only be the sustaoinability generation if they massively share solutions that work and to do that languages are vital

help us map who is doing this

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