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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

west asian connections with sdg generation aka mid east and mena

 help tidy up these mapping links for sdg decade

Adam smith hypothesis : for species sustainability: help younger half of world to celebrate friendships across cultures sharing community solutions that hew technology and new livelihood education inspired by climate and other sdg transformations

Two thirds world are Asian – positive connections between asia -home of supercity ports and supercity continent wide infrastructures-ambassador subclubs – hidden agenda women leaders subclubs – qatar new university womens city

Hidden agenda – positive connections china- mid east – asia- imf hq moves to Beijing by 2028 latest- most 5g for supercity led by asia

Hidden agenda from oil economy to green economy- triad middle east, arctic circle, Houston-oil’s 7 sisters

Can uae expo handover to japan wins-wins of industrial revolution 4 and society5.0-

Parallels between japan in Africa, china in africa, middle east in Africa- infrastructure maps opposite to colonial age

-at Gordon brown 2016 education commission main connector

Fathers von neumann translated Japanese this summer first time; new Olympic heroes



Middle east:

Ahead on education wise, varkey, https://www.rewired2021.com/summit/

Leads un itu 4 year summit process now converging on #aiforgood https://aiforgood.itu.int/

Pivotal to most un deepest partnerships refugee education – heroines include jordans queen rania. What sheika moza connects through sdg advocates and educationaboveall https://www.educationaboveall.org/ partnerships, what scotlands Gordon brown connects through their  world https://theirworld.org/about/theirworld     included dubai organisers rewired and educationaboveall  and 2016 un education commission Sheikha Lubna Al Qasimi (United Arab Emirates),

Ahead on fazle added knowhow – mit legatum at bkash.com; abdul latif at boston eg poverty lab, Islamic dev nank – abed partners empowered families to build resiliency of community health food water livelihood education, digital cash community sme credit, sgd value chains across global villages

-doublecheck abed biggest 50 year partners mid east islamic finance with abdul latif, dubai legatum with mit …

Abdul latif = connect Toyota foundations around the world – connections with ai nature – eg desalinate water, new energies

Israel is one of top 1 start up s[aces; if uae-israel leaps forward- how

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