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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Last Call for MicroeducationSummit
- aka how Yunus 2nd global branding mistake[i] deprived worldwide youth of 20 years of sustainability networking

THREAT Please don't misinterpret us : for much of his life Muhammad Y is more of a saint than 99.999% of us; his three hemi-worlds (women's poorest, youth) most purposeful local brand designer; he's a great storyteller but that is not enough to resolve local and global conflicts wherever systems are broken because media after world war 2 embedded itself as the most expensive and fearsome spiral of every hard working family's right to a market place

OPPORTUNITY What if within one adminstration baltimore-dc is turned by youth and new breed of superheroes into a pro-youth supercity instead of 8-clred fusoin of the worst vested interest capital in the planet
Mostofa you have seen 6 years of fathers remembrance's party dialogues largely destroyed by no-hopers like yunus in denial and samara in denial - will you personally take charge of getting amy to see sir fazle and his son before she is intellectually bullied by another educator who has lost any grounding in youth action

Kindly make email introduction between me and arne within 48 hours so i can try and see if he understands microeducationsummit or is too much of a union man to ever bring entrepreneurial revolution to education. America has no yes you can youth time left- how can any parent looking at choice between clinton and trump until 2024 not see broken USA?

Jonathon - your hubs have perpetuated yunus greenwash instead of the glasgow university partnership with adam smith scholars launched 2 weeks after dads death- are you now going to help open space this last call for microeducationsummit

Naila regarding youth empowerment community movements please can you make sure that if zara and al's networks are compatible then your views on this are shared with john and manny in next 72 hours, so that biggest projects between san diego and baltimore are all systems go
Broken Gov's 8 top-down colors worldwide which youth sustainability journalists need to know how to question simultaneously and virally. These are driven by:  superstition,  tribal safety, physical domination, media power, false monetary order,  three-in-one integration beyond zero-sum world if sustainability of human race is not to be forever lost by 2025

In 1997 the great and the good of washington DC egged on by a grassroots us network (results) which was to soundbite globalisation fame with hilary clinton and Muhammad  Yunus. He it was who made a fateful decision to launch the most hopeful millennium goals network annual summit as microcreditsummit not microeducationsummit.

Now we would argue that banking and education are emotionally connected (technically a double loop system) ; both are sustainable if and only if they are designed to invest in the next generation's livelihoods advancing the human lot out of every community children are born into

However when you brand the leading youth and sustainability network with a banking name:

over time (eg 1997 to yunus nobel prize 2006 to beyond) ,the banking experts take over instead of diversity of humans we need for education to be about learning a living

banking, as it as been big banged seeks to make decision periods shorter and shorter, whereas a lifelong learning curve of human educatinoal development makes an opposite inter-generational case involved with studying exponential curves not isolated numbers

ironically yunus introduction of mobile phones for poorest villagers (leapfrogging the era of wired telecoms which had ever reached poorest villages) also spun the challenge of how to transform grassroots microcredit into mobile empowered era. 99% of grassroots networks celebrated at MCS 1997 would not have yunus type of funding need to open tech. This is an educational challenge!

Since The Economist (dad) called in 1984 for millennium goal networks to value open learning as the determinant of whether the net generation would be sustainable, the naming of micrcreditsummit was the least economic and so thge greatest  conflict to ending poverty

  • 20 years of youth sustainability networking has been lost

All of this has doubled and redoubled urgently 2016-2025 must become sustainability youth's most exciting decade. Why not design in 12 councils in preparing the first microeducationsummit. An interesting question now is: what could these councils be and how to ensure each need is represented

  • creative children council
  • go explore the happiest schools around the world
  • look at any education system where everyone is marked round goal of livelihood  development for all,  not paper certificates and standardised tests
  • apps world change - where are ecosystems of preferential technologists  impacting education for the poor to be funded, and how can their solutions be celebrated at an updating elearning platform such as khan academy or coursera on-demand
  • .....
why wouldnt microeducationsummit if it is to be launched out of DC ensure Obama yes you can legacy of youth sustainability

Now with the UN calling 2015-2016, and new sustainability goals the biggest change in its existence, let's be impudently curious- how can this all happen without  call for microeducationsummit uniting parents communities and youth the world over

[i] Yunus first global branding mistake was to partner investors in grameen phone in such a way that he did not control the majority of the business- all prior business models of Yunus had put Yunus trust for the poorest in majority or often total ownership. Famously his social business model claims to be owned by those in most need of goal-driven success of the business.

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