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Friday, March 25, 2016

Dear Amy

These are the people who are best placed to answer your questions

Youth Diary April

friday 1 april xprize   this happens at world bank - jayfus chooses who participates
saturday 2 april hackathon Baltimore 9am to 9pm - I assume manny is best person to contact first on this
sunday 3 april - baltimore 1.30 - 

BRAC Bangladesh several days later ask Mostofa and check whether visa need to be obtained in DC if so that takes 4 working days

30 march time unknown - check with zara founder la maestra whats next - i need to find out if her main referee is still our friend sherry tross
I have a very readable book to lend you on why brac networks do collaboratively the most with the least on sustainability goals 

april's databank
linkin green cable tv editing will come in very useful - mostofa  (globalyouthcommunitu) can explain how our friends in london have the main pro-youth database on that compiled with the leadership support of prince charles and others leading British society and probably Nilekani in India and various BBC nature correspondents ; back in rome the nobel peace summits and the green club of rome share the same offices

three-in-one worldyouthcommunity
i have asked that you all at www.amychina.net ,  mostofa and maurice ( www.premiosciacca.it  ) establish regular ways (eg a weekly skype) to update each other- please verify with mostofa that is in process- he currently has about 15 very influential people (eg arne duncan previous head of US education) for global youth community to follow up after education summit in dhaka a week ago

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