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Monday, March 28, 2016

Dear Jayfus and friends of sustainable youth

Thanks to young people like you, AMY (Yuxuan, Song), mostofa and maurice , education and the sustainability of all of us is at many practical crossroads of spiraling exponential opportunity and risk-many of these maps linkin over next 90 days

friday what can we do to connect you xprize entry with coders and under 30 youth valuation movements all over the world?

on saturday what can al's hackathon out of baltimore the number 1 supercity community resolution lab in usa do or at least respectfully plant?

sunday - what can leaders who uniite faith and arts cultures around the joy of youth empowerment help map out as coming leaders quests to rome, london, beijing, dubai and bangladesh , and MIT's dean or Berkeley's Blum or Give Directly
-and eg where can friends of you and kiehl unite bottom up and open apps instead of those designed around big get biggest? -

what would have happened if the first facebook had helped youth viralise sustainability microfranchises instead of maximise sexual insecurity; what would happen if tweets urgently linked in crisis resolution not trending trivia (fortunately in the latter case kenya's ihub shows the way and friends of womens empowerment have their next meeting with rachel ruto in NY in 3 weeks time)

My father started writing up Entrepreneurial Revolution in The Economist in 1972 thereby turning in into a local-global investigative journal. His future curiosity searched for education (its way above zero sum models because knowhow can multiply value in mobile use) not consuming up things as the new economy, and foretold why by the 2000s man's greatest risk being discrepancies in incomes and expectations of rich and poor nations. 

All his 1984 most urgent timelines are here to debate. He had been trained by Keynes after serving as teenager in world war 2 over modernday bangladesh that economists lock in what futures compound for a next generation's place - consequently the 2 Hippocratic Oaths of economists 

  • - end poverty, 
  • structure capital so that family's savings invest in next generations livelihoods bottom-up out of every community to be sustained. 

  • Father had been the only journalist at the EU's birth in Messina so he knew for example how EU was becoming the least safe of united nations at every border. And he was very concerned how the half of the world under 30 varies hugely across places. As Pope Francis said at strasbourg the problem is europe's wonderful health services are designed so that youth have to bail out haggard infertile grandmothers.But most of all the west need to celebrate sustainabilty partnerships with The East since half of all under 30s live within 3000 miles of beijing. Why valuation of amy matters to anyone lucky enough to see her open space. or celebrate creative childrenf rom every nation

Ten years ago student mostofa from bangladesh started linking under 30 networks around Norman Macrae Family Foundation. Today out of Dubai  (home of the billion dollar fund for graduating underprivileged youth and the million dollar prize for individual teacher as well as collaborative competitor with Qatar's education laureates and through legatum-MIT coding of mpesa and pro-youth cashless banking systems) criss crosses with Amy's US-China friendships and Maurice's Franciscan networks are three movements that value youth's sustainability as what 2015=2025 and any global-local goals need to celebrate. 

Father's remembrances parties since his parting in 2010 have helped linked in the most extreme real education institutes that value youth including the world's largest NGO BRAC whose founding family have asked amy and mostofa to visit them next week.

 Each of amy, mostofa and maurice can best diaries their movements most urgent collaboration and social action diaries but everywhere I look the most passionate of elders educators and system transformation facilitators- sir fazle abed brac, pope francis, jagdish gandhi world largest school lucknow and friend of the late great kalam, gordon dryden, harriosn owen of open space, don beck of spiral dynamics are late 70s or older. They most need help with ensuring youth know their community-deep practices and linlkn joyful apps. Where are educators' resources openly supporting this?

There is more here on valuing half of the world under 30. But main thing i think is to facilitate what massive under 30s movements need empowerment help with next. Look forwards to any suggestions on how to do that.

chris  www.economistuniversity.com  supercity dc-baltimore 240 316 8157

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