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Monday, May 30, 2016

TO KIEHL assuming 8th or 9th is free with you -please could you contact the south american brothers at Imperative Fund and columbia U and fix a time so amy can meet them; john caswell is both on her story and the popes in several ways including yesterday at house of lords; and I am still trying to find lout if jim kim's invitation to every young profession to design their social movement is on - or is he already preparing to change job in a trump ruled world bank

hi friends john kiehl owns the only broadway movie studio with a conscience- over on London caswell ryder, devlin and I have exploring whether any boardroom marketers are free to have a conscious purpose for 20 years now - his alumni netwirks arfe weird, wonderful and sometimes well resourced - he's also mad about music and the arts as well as number 2 systems mathematician in America - a country that only has about 3 that stand up to the test of my fathers biography of von neumann

regarding simon  we spent 3 days at Dianne's windsor castle but well being moderated on 17 goals by her central park ;penthouse suite values for elderly is quite an intergenerational muddle- I haven't yet found one youth action from it but then I am a bit deaf 

flying back from .london today -maybe my mobile will work for first time in 10 days at 4pm us time  (usa mobile 240 316 8157 - amy us mobile 929 321 2149    kiehl mobile 917 886 0749

until we know the brothers view I don't dare ask al hathaway to ;pick up the phone to his north Korean-America friend jim kim and double check why all kims dc experts never comer to black development labs in Baltimore

hathaways solving baltimores youth problems like nobody else I have seen in usa after 6 years of rather silly yunus attempts -if you like creative stages how about inviting black youth and Baltimore police to a hackathon in the crypt of a Baptist church turned underground youth tech lab -al does

we (mainly amy friends) have this idea crazy though it may seem

if 10 people like caswell and kiehl  and any of you all ... and tell female youth like all the amy's she connects across different countries in this world what good news to viralise and then do somethin with then we can supetapp the world the way john kiehl wants or set up wolfram maths puzzle networks that bash through system problems with or without don becks speak

I still wonder if beck spiral dynamics rainbow speak is onlhy best as a way to convert top down hosted dialogues- some youth just want to go do stuff together joyfully and sustainably  SO I am maybe assuming that global female youth is already a different color if an app moves her so

maybe I don't know what I am talking ablout unless amy joins in- that's why want to see how she exchnanges stories with the brothers next week
we have little else latino to reach out to - we tried all over organsiation of American states, and every space in san diego and so wanted to linkin with Berkeley which may be where coders of future of latinos connect; and then we had all of billys support trough standford but not any senior on east coast or elsewhere to help amy see what youth clould be moved to do
thanks chris

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