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Mindset; my first job was with a British version of Khan Academy in 1972; when father, Norman Macrae, at The Economist saw this he changed priority of questions he asked leaders on how they were investing in youth. Spending 4000 times more on global coms tech 2030 versus 1946 would only be sustainable let alone economic if learning was core to every investment in millennials. invites you to join in reporting irreversibility's last chnace to design smartest learning media humans have ever raced around

Thursday, September 10, 2015

2015.8 Which educational systems encourage teachers to love change? We have found this to be one of be most difficult entrepreneurial searches in the 44 years since we started to study the satellite learning generation at The Economist on 1972. Help us map answers here.
One example is City Montessori Lucknow where Jagdish Gandhi family have nurtured the world's largest school over 60 years - 40000 students per year are now celebrated by over 1000 change loving teachers. One of the first missing curriculum addressed by Lucknow involved helping children to each others cultures before adolesence. This action learning pursuit became the only peace curriculum recognised by Unesco.
An example of a more recent curriculum is the finding that children can help coach most illiterate adults to read a newspaper in 60 days. The school didnt set out to be big- it was just that more and more parents in Lucknow wanted their children to enjoy this system. The advantage f scale has been used to host monthly competitions which Lucknow invites schools around the world to interact. For example what is the behavioural difference between the curricula of job creating and job destroying economics and public service. When the late great Kalam was President of India his web site promised to address any wonderful question voiced by chidren as India's most valuable future. Lucknow students kept him busy. The school also hosts annual summits of experts eg of worldwide chief justices who are quizzed by the year's prize-winning students.

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