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-did shakespeare mean that while it takes 2 to tango it takes 3 to : generate , to map, to play? which roles should daughter mother and father exchange through ages of loving each other: enlighten rain (valuing water), thunder (global climate adaptability) - we will asking your help to link this co-blog into missing "open systems" curricula sustainable youth need to urgently demand the 7th economy celebrates if they are to be the sustainability generation whose moral sentiments and humainsing of machine intel is to save our species from extinction- related bard references To Be or Not to Be "" life but a poor player .... what your bard's most valuable script- chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

sampler from creative youth olympiads of summer 2015 futurecapitalism.tv

Saturday, August 29, 2015

in 44 years of studyinbg elarninbg there is  nothinbg i have come across like the space of yazmi by noah samara

can youth be empowered to help start up yazmi's food channel  -chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk
here's a bit of live bransitorming - please add ideas for us to log up

tcan begin mainly with 20 second good news advertisements- which food model are being searched by which diaspora hub

first 20 second video - noah could say as an ethiopian i was particularly  inspired by dbanj launching the quest  to end poverty through value chains designed to sustain fartmers
yazmi is inviting diaspora ihubs to search out best jobs for growers models- starting with coffee , moringa, fish you tell us -
email yazmi

next 20 second videos
someone afrucan  on cofee
someone on moringa
someone on fish
somone african o spices

(make all 20 second videos in english with chinese subtitles)

this channel would support main world bank summit message of diaspora to world bank let us cross-check every step of value chain end to end
also whenever youth incubator formats of world bank suggest food solutions we could start merging mentors and investors

it fits with next food sectors women4empowerment is already looking for

it can unite the right sorts of  pro-youth diaspora hubs hubs around yazmi ; its synergetic with taddy blecher

it gives us something to present to usaid and world bank and first ladies as food security was intended as obama number 1 advance in development economic transparency and sustainability

it can be a trailer to noahs dream that china sees satellite-tableted education is its own best development policy around the world

it can help connect intel search for big data apps for bottom of pyramid agri entrepreneurs -eg the aim to treble cambodia's rice exports by small farmers
it can help us link in ifad which is rome based un agriculture network but as yet separated from everything else rome, peacemakers and jim kim try to celebrate

the channel can give us a fast start in dubai - while dubai may not want to grow its own foods- we can ask which sectors do we want preferential options of  disadvantaged youth

there is a natural bridge between primary school curricula in eg cameroon and rural  youth becoming interested  on how to sustain our farmers

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