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Wednesday, February 3, 2021

 0 what if edu =every persons largest investment  connecting alumni on road to december dubai  

unicef fore & al gurg cambridge, micrsoft - learning passports; unicef fore dubai cares , itu giga iniative ai maps where every school is- but why no wi fi to every school- learnt from pandemic half of 10 year olds cant read a paragraph- cf lucknow solution kids teach kids to rread-connecxts with india edu 2020 at least 5% non-theiry time

climate road to glasgow

lse 3 feb- espinosa and stern celebrate their 10 year journey from cancun- even 100 bn climate fund only 80% done- about half nations submitted climate plans bringing to glasgow- espinosa says covid shows nations an find 14 trillion and rising when urgent - why no climate fund- when are we going to fix 300 trillion $ block wesern pensions from any sdg funds

meanwhile jan weforum gora and kerry are coming from usa, carney and sharma are comubning from uk; idea that every sector declates its leadership purpose - japan working on 14 scector purposes- where else are corporate climate coalitions or c40 cities leading

can we end covid by italy g20 october - g20 prep roads coming soon

which nations leaders showed up at wefirum?

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