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Mindset; my first job was with a British version of Khan Academy in 1972; when father, Norman Macrae, at The Economist saw this he changed priority of questions he asked leaders on how they were investing in youth. Spending 4000 times more on global coms tech 2030 versus 1946 would only be sustainable let alone economic if learning was core to every investment in millennials. invites you to join in reporting irreversibility's last chnace to design smartest learning media humans have ever raced around

Saturday, November 21, 2015

are we of sutainability's last chance class of 2015 all agreed

In 2015 half the world is aged under 29. Sustainability crises are intergenerational (exponential) crises particularly of investment in jobs-rich education and peace. If the world of over 29s continue to design non-sustainable systems it will be the under 29s whose lives will see the destruction of nature and humanity, Four keys to transforming back to sustainability goals and open societies : real world's public spaces and open space; web world's mobile apps and 4000 fold infrastructure investments connecting ever local community to globally life-critical knowhow.

Public Spaces
Goal 11 launched by unhabitat and ban-ki moon features public spaces as integral to empowering youth to sustain cities and communities. Can we design spaces in which no youth are excluded from demanding and replicating solutions to ever mayor's priority social and sustainable challenges/ Goal 11 public spaces can be Trojan horse to all sustainability goals being fully youth empowered. (see windsor castle consultations)
Mobile Apps of sustainability
Open Spaces -celebrate valuing every persons contribution to a common and urgent challenge. Which five by one billion people cultures could most be celebrating open space co-creativity now:
*****China's billion Confucian Way
*****Latino's billion Franciscan Way
*****Africans and black peoples Mandela and King
*****Indian's Gandhian way
*****Poorest village and slums women4empowerment

ITU's open www infrastructures due to spending 4000 times more (2030 versus 1946) on being connected bottom up and in world way above zero-sum macroeconomics, Celebrates almost free accessibility to deeply diverse contexts and collaboration san frontieres

in new york and beijing we can find every experiment space we need;

the vatican wants to be included and sherry triss can make this happen

infosys nilekanis and kerala living up yo Kalam's leacy are hue opportunitoes now infia has all the invfrastructure to hackathon for the poorest

black world is very confusing to me- we could have built mandela way from south africa and kenya through ethiopia and rwanda, and king way back from the road to atlanta but agents of yunus decided to destroy every pathway's youth empowerment-  we can keep trying in usa to promote hbu as leaders of affordable public education systems and  frankly 
african needs big headed american aid to get out of the way and hopefully chinese aid accompanied by the virtual transparency of of direct cash transfer will end all the mischief of the age of aid by PR and political power games

if the scope of this challenge is agreed, find amy a visa please so we can all move forward at sustainability speed of www youth empowerment

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