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Saturday, May 30, 2015

valuetrue and Economistyouth.com - 1948-2018 ......................................................................................
maps for the age of spending 1000 times more money and time on worldwide communications
over 1000 times due to (2**10) doubling of spends every 7 years since 1948 -
online library of norman macrae- by 1976's 4th doubling The Economist could see asia pacific wwwcentury (Economistasia.net) that far east japan, korea, china-invested superports and so china had sustaionability futures that world wide youth need to share and celebrate across an open learning netgenration
by 5th doubling 1983 wise option would be to plan for joy of open society peace as ussr fell and china kept rising (sorosjobs.com)
by 7th doubling 1997 open society economists could see now had failed the peace opportunity but bangladesh was place to partner in mobile women4 empowerment, and rome could call for worldwide cultural rewind of first 2 millennia and peace as integral to millennial goals (unwpmens.com popgrowth.com)
by 9th doubling -time to reaasert what millenials can be kimuniversity.com jimkim.info
by 10th doubling will james wilso be as confident that humanity has changed the worldwide constitution as he could be in his son-in-laws change of english contituition all economists
sustainability unite millennials america, asia africa
Preferential option poor, youth, women
Afore Ye Go Little Sisters
YC Previously known as scotland rising, this massive open collaboratuion -blog celebrates the purpose of economics founded by Adam Smith to optimalise sustainability and every being's livelihood and James Wilson's 1843 purpose of economic medias to end poverty and banish vested interest politicians

Sustainability Breaking News Spring 015:
Sustainabity's 1966 route : Japan--Korea- Superports HK, TW, SI, China mainland looks secure foundation for half of millennials rooted in far east's amazingly graceful rebirth asince word war 2; in play are all the women empowerment miracles that started up Bangladesh 1972 and spread 1996 on from Bangla to pro-youth Africa including amzing graceful ones where hiv or genocide had wiped out a generation of parents- never did elearning world need to rise more openly bottom-up and urgently than Africa's chance at freedom and happiness and retrieved ownership of its natural resources by and for the peoples;

DC Wall Street , Brussels, Berlin continue to messup every crossroads to next generation sustainability but africa's urgency is now; the surprising mr soros has mobilised beacons of POP, opensociety and hi-trust hope from dhaka(96) to haiti(96), from peru(96) to Russian prisons(96), with gorbachev from budapest (92) to rome(00), from Paris(15) to ukraine to South Africa(78)... but the "let-youth- bail-out-elders-follies media crisis remains: the older a capital's voting majority the less likely any mediation or investment in sustainability will be freed by markets in the sense that adam smith moral emotional intelligence assumed .......... the far east will sustain itself, it will invite the south to join the millennial party, the north west with the exception of rome will fiddle while its hemispheres lose civility, society and nature's patinece unless a joyful education revolution brings back the valuetrue web of mr berners lee

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