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Friday, February 27, 2015

June 30-July 4 is 5th child art/youth creativity olympiad hosted by Ashfaq on the mall in washington dc - with youth delegations from nearly 100 countries, and chinese with nearly 100 being the largest international delegation

back in 1975 my father's work at The Economist mapped why china would be the epicentre of millennials world by 2010s and all could go well for sustainability if washington and china twinned in win-win arrangements for their youth's creative futures in such a way that all worldwide youth and open education could celebrate too

so i am wondering if with 40 days to go before the olympiad there are any ideas that can interface several of your life's work not just on the 5 days themselves but in alumni networks of educators and youth that could be born

About 10 years after my fathers 1984 book on all could go well with spending 4000 times more on global commns tech 2030 versus 1946 if such spends were designed around youth's learning networks and ending poverty ,  Gordon out of New Zealand reported extreme experiments in new zealand  how digital could change students and teachers role- within 4 years he was on national television in china selling 10 million copies of his book

2 Alizee is a graduating chinese student who shares inside reports on gap between chinese higher education and jobs; her families also run schools that teach english for groups that need this fast including airline pilots

3 Ashfaq International Child Art Foundation - harnessing children's imaginations for positive social change has spent over 20 years connecting student and teacher networks to the deep culture-bridging extent needed for 100 countries to want their youth to come to washington dc mall to stage the largest youth creativity celebration

4 Hiro http://www.akira-foundation.org/ is Japan's main sponsor in ICAF and uniquely connected with corporate, aid and university worlds out of japan and across many millennial critical nations and open tech labs.

5 Noah Samara is an American Ethiopian headquartered in Dc region and owner of the 5 billion person elearning satellite yazmi | Beaming Knowledge to Everyone  He is currently main sponsor of elearning africa- this year hosted out of Addis Ababa eLearning Africa 2015 / International Conference on ICT for Development, Education and Training.

6 Naila Chowdhury www.women4empowerment.org was muhammad yunus first female director of grameen phone back in 1996. She knows the who's and where of mobile's most transformational partnerships with village womens and girls empowerment; 3 years ago she relocated to dc region and many nation's first ladies now link through naila. Kenya's second lady rachel ruto is currently scaling massive livelihood projects for rural women, and nairobi can argued to be number 1 mobile youth tech hub in africa

7 Mostofa comes from bangladeshi villages and links dhaka and other youth leadership networks linking in several of us with latest news and connection points

21 Icons : Taddy Blecher : Short Film has spent about 18 years developing 14000  of south africa's greatest youth leaders with his free university partnerships and has identified missing livelihood and empowerment curricula that 7th grade south africans need most (this being modal age for leaving schooling system These extraordinary curricula are due to be shared across all 7th grade teachers and students with ipad connectivity

From DC being in my residential view a top 10 anti-youth capital, movements started in 2012 when jim kim came to world bank and explained how only milennials can sustain helath (his practice are for 25 years), and why not adopt Prefertenial option poor model as educational benchmark for every profession needed for millenials to sustain the world
Following july on the mall; we have open tech wizard summits inside world bank in august, the pope giving congress and un masterclasses on inequality in september, jim kim relocating the world bank start of the year meeting to peru both his most famous partner country and nearly 50 years into modernising the Franciscan catholic curricula of POP-over in atlanta november muhammad yunus, Laura Turner daughter of CNN"s Ted, and 20 nobel peace laureates (linked since 2000 out of rome) celebrate with 10000 youth.

So i hope there are some win-wins between everyone -how can we move forward to action them?
chris macrae skype chrismacraedc mobile 240 316 8157 

2018 is 175th anniversary of The Economist being founded to mediate end to capital abuse of youth and so  to end poverty

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