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Sunday, December 31, 1995

bezos ma world's greatest marketers

 peoples livelihoods across a nation or a continent get wasted when questions about the world's greatest marketmakers are not transparently understood by everyone including parents and teachers

the key question is what leadership roles are chandging around what the world's greatest marketers do

comparing what bezos and jack ma did for the perior 1995-2020 gives us a fascinating insight into what was changing around world greatest marketers in the penultimate period before 2020s tested whether the human race could unite around our species coninuing healhily or not- the sdg decade

lets go back through the history of what greatest marketers did and changed before we try to value the innovationefforts of bezos and ma

when you look at markets these eras seem to define different histories of cvilisation - some dates ate approximate- you can always ask the question- are we looking at when someone first knew smethng or enough people for there to be a chance to humanise what was going on

up to 1500 -when people first understood the world was round - and the old world europe-asiaafrica started discovering new worlds including america-

1500-1760 - 1760 is wgen 2 people at glasgow university started up the age of machines and humans- sadly before 1760 the greatest marketmakers turned peoples into slaves and grabbed other peoples ands or natural resources- inconveninently this is what made britannia great; its also where thinink in english language and prinint the birth of science started innovations of a different worldwide order to that before 1500

the english speaking world failed to take the advice of adam smith so while it looked as if britain led market making between 1760 and 1860 and even to world war 1- trade routes were being mapped for the benefot of londn capitaloists not many others; meanwhile slowly at first but accelerating from mid 19th century usa experimented with coninental scaling od advances in innovation

by 1945 most of the world loved americans for saving humans from 2 world wars and when nations gave birth to the united nations, peoples looked to usa to discover new technologies that could take us beyond the world of colonial empires which trapped most people in poverty

oddly while america did discover 3 innovations for humanity - those clusered around von neumann, deming , and borlaug - marketing had taken a very narrow defintion - led by ad agencies- these advised companies to spend ever more on advertising separately named new products- with the excciting new media of tv to play with americans pioneered what seemed to be the main game or market makers

however by 1960s the chance for asian people to rise depended on valuing enginners- japan became the first place in the world where purpose of corporate brand leadership meant more than just contracting out brand image to advertisers

by 1970 alumniof gordon moore were promising 100 thimes increase n the power of neumann technologues every decade - this could have led to economists asking how wioll what greatest maret makers do change but outside moores alumninnow called silicon valley it didnt much

altgough changes were happening every decade it can be useful to exlore 1995-2020



that's if we want the 2020s to be the decade that the older half of the world empoer the younger half to be sustainable


what did bezos and ma think they were doing 

from 1995-2008



it turns out that these 2 greatest marketmakers yet had very didfferent ideas of what theywre innovating- largely speaking jack ma's has relevance to the two thirds of humans who are asians; bezos changed the world of markets in usa and parts of west europe

iwe need to analyse 2 opposite things- how the web was chnaged from a knowledge space to a a seling space; how the bigger innovation of humanising artificialintelligence isnt easy to explore if we only work with what one of bezos or ma changed

------------much more coming soon

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