2021 is the 10th year of the new economics journal josb.city launched out of glasgow university:- whose community service would adam smith applaud most in 260th year of man and machines? we look forward to 10 year review glasgow university union middles saturday 6nov cop26
welcome to glasgow home of entrepreneurial revolution eg social business and transparent exponential maths- our new university journal josb.city conceived during 250th celebrations of smith's moral sentiments -we'd love to see a youth engagement ed board linking in every sustainable city- special greetings to our franciscan co-hosts of cop26 and roman g20 october 30- in 2021 we are 260 years along worldwde learning curves od machine and humans age started up by glasgowu's watt and smith

xglasgow welcomes youthful civic engagement coalitions eg rome and livesmatter.city.. friends will be linking all sdg movements coming to Glasgow - we have the student union building hired sat nov 6 for mutual debriefings collab questions chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk xglasgow.com 260th year of James watts machines and adam smith morality of markets

join us in 10th year of journal of social business -an idea that started with 250th celebrations of smith's moral sentiments - queries rsvp chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk -ed board 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 ...

Games of World Record Jobs Creators -game 1 2 players - both players pick 3 creators you'd most want to be alumni of- discuss: are your life's contributions to sustaanability generation similar or different

coming soon:
von neumann
gordon moore &
adam smith & james watt
lee kuan yew
li ka-shing
tata family
antonio guterres
elon musk
fei-fei li
j ma

p ma
tim berners lee & linus torvaulds
mr & mrs jobs
ren zenfei
larry brilliant
jim kim & paul farmer
james grant
mr & mrs stanford
mr & mrs bard
toyota & abdul latif
akio morita
james wilson and jb say

YEAR OF 2021
Glasgow congratulates
**netherlands january climate ADAPTABILITY summit..
**Japan summer - first Japanese-English book readings of biography of von neumann ... 1

**uae/edusummit EXPO december

and every valuetrue youth exchange celebrating the sustanability generation in before and after nov 2021..

dedication to glasgow U's greatest end poverty alumn - Sir Fazle Abed 1 2
scroll down for more leaps forward from our journal of new economics- some favorites - in year 1 a special issue focused on truths and falsehoods of western understanding of bangladesh microfinance a favorite paper: by kirstin spainhower at world bank - TWIN LABS: you've heard of twin cities but here spainhower gives us a tantalizing glimpse as to why silicon valley may need to partners with brac labs in bangladesh if women empowerment and sustainability goals happens in time to save our species.. q&a welcome chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk ps at time of editing we wwre unaware that mrs steve jobs was the first to question fazle abed on how to connect this back in 2001
nov 2021
= greatest opportunity, the peoples of scotland have SHARED with the world since starting the age of machines & humans thanks to Glasgow U's james WATT and adam SMITH in 1760s
cop26- can you help linkin countdown -CHRIS.MACRAE@YAHOO.CO.UK xglasgow.com? LETS IMPROVE 2021 EVERYONE here are some network maps to start community rising with www

breaking news xmas eve - brexit bans british national student exchanges with europeans
xglasgow.com @cop26 seeks to leap way beyond eu's waste of erasmus students
by celebrating launch of TURING english speaking sdg students www and reconnecting green massive connectors and adam smith mediators in year 260 of humans and machines and year 60 of abed 2.0 women and machines

xglasgow.com 37th year of 2025 report by norman macrae and chris macrae countdown to sdg-gen first published 1984 -wash dc +1 240 316 8157
ECONOMISTAT.COM HUMANSai=maths * last mile community services

2021.1 tik tok -from xmas 2020, we survivors of covid have a 11 month long plot to assist joyful youth zoom around the world and land on glasgow adam smith mother earth hq for society 5.0 or industrial rev 4 or whatever the latest name for http://www.2025report.com mapmaking is - ban ki moon and netherlands host their man rehearsal of climate accounting and youth action CAS 2021 | Climate Adaptation Summit 2021
2021.2 all of fazle abed techforsdgs friends will converge on glasgow but the question will his dream of greatest young scholars collaboration ever come alive or remain in 20 separate bubbles around soros in ny, gates in seattle, mit legatum (boston-dubai) ... - why has us congress hated rural keynesianism since 1978 culminating in trump's poison pill decoupling of washington dc from every smart space patents have ever co-imagined- i cant see one biden pick who will pop these bubbles but great if it turns out that kamala harris does know how to connect bengal bay - which her mother's birthland madras -oh so clearly observes on days when carbon fog is lifted

2021.3; i am still brainstorming with attenboroughs bbc frends -whats episode 2 in the bbillion mobile viral story series following ep1- plastic is suffocating the ocean's fish- age 9 i was in same class as attenborough's son but he was brighter than i so we didnt connect again tuntil an email 3 weeks ago, and a discussion i had with the head of hs bbc studio at geneva 18 months ago

2021.4 turing youth networks
do you know anything about the new worldwide youth exchange called turing replacing erasmus now our students exchanges are forbidden from europeans

2021.5 if we started connecting all my fathers favorite far eastern isles with turing that could be good; also japan has belatedy decided to translate my fathers bion of von neumann -they have promised this will be in time for glasgow

2021.6 do you stil have any tech wzard connections from british conputer days or hewlett packard; i think the 202s is the last decade to humanise ai- my new story of von neumann is his legacy began with the moon race, within 3 years had set up twn ai labs facing pacifc out of stanford and atlanntic out of boston; with 8 years had spurred the japanese to make the argest calculator chip order to intel which is where the programable chip was invented and moores law promised 1o times more tech-computing-communicating every 5 yearsto dads 2025 report by which time we needed all leaders to be cooperation with sdg directions for 21st century's 2--somrthings; within the first 10 time moore moon landing had been coded by mit; with 7 years a place called silicon valley became the worlds death of disatnce telecommting epicentre

but from the on things also spiraled badly
nixon hated youth for turning the country against him and oisoned piled cost of university; it turned out that american was never a true dream- many lives didnt matter whether thats black, asian, women or youth
the eu had already become the top-down bureaucratics nightmare the opposite to which dad supported as only journalist at messia

and of course instead of living up to un promises to give every newly uncolonised nation a smart stat big banking and us/rusia connived to lend moey to dictators on either side of the cold war

2021.7 in all of this asian women rising become youths last hope everywhere
if you spot any stories among decosion makers you know that we could tur into a compendium given to youth at cop26- glasgow u will find one youth ambassador from almost evey nation and the union building is reserved for youth onn mid sturday of cop26 november nov 5

2021.8 i realise jack ma friends may have given up with the west hosting community sdg summits but if someone jack ma trusts could turn up at nov 6 we would make sure she or he got the deepest vip tour any international student gathering has ever offered in the english language

2021.9 it is hoped that unga76 is real; whether bidens ambassador to the un knows the story of liberia which she claims as her afrcan cv is doubtful- without soros and abed accidentally planting brac and jim kim health services around liberia from 2008 ebola wuld have struck down much more of africa- whether it would have made google more conscious of virus ai is debatable- google.org had chosen its forst ceo as chief virus hunter larry brilliant but at 70 something he was soon overthrown by the wrong sorts of obama- clinto social entrepreneurs

2021.10 tufts has pulled parts of harvard into the most pratcical youth engagement summit ever
2021.11 glasgow uu invites world youth to end all elders mistaken conflicts with sustaining our species
2021.12 dubai uae expo is hosting biggest ever education summit and passing the expo baton to japan as consolation prize of being ruined by the olympics..
imagine if oxford union debating format is imported to glasgow cop26 -what motions would you schedule

example -motion to sustain the under 30s we need ant digital cash world bank ... notes 2020 dec 27 is china ending its g20 youth and green finance promises of ewtp and ant?

United Nations: AIforgood, digital finance and digital cooperation
will 2021 see a digital yuan, a digital facebook currency, a digital pound or 100000 dollar bitcoin?
is america's 2025 administration ready for the legal requirement to move hq of imf to beijing?

.................................. .................

xglasgow.com invites youth as worldwide sdg generation linkin with glasgow university union youth celebration day nov6 cop26 & xchange-turing & xchange-abed & xsmith & economistun.com & economistai.com & 2025report.com osun.app chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk
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we believe any uni-coalition with a future needs an ai map- we don't necessarily endorse this map's classifications or entries but whats the point of learning in 2020s if you have no view of what ai can be humanised? congrats topbots for mapmaking - a somewhat randon tour of ai - fast catalogue AI unicorns
.abed.sorosbotsteincrowschwarzmanjack mafounders of tencent..........
brac u and osun.Y1 Y2 Y3..y.yy..............
ceu & osun.y.Y4.y..y.............
bard & osun..yY5.Y5.y..............
arizona state & osun.y.y.y..Y6.............
Oxford (Cambridge)
jma education ......Y8............
tencent education........Y9...........
africa : ashesi u, osun, new uni collaby.y.y.
Y10 New uni mid east.................
-did shakespeare mean that while it takes 2 to tango it takes 3 to : generate , to map, to play? which roles should daughter mother and father exchange through ages of loving each other: enlighten rain (valuing water), thunder (global climate adaptability) - we will asking your help to link this co-blog into missing "open systems" curricula sustainable youth need to urgently demand the 7th economy celebrates if they are to be the sustainability generation whose moral sentiments and humainsing of machine intel is to save our species from extinction- related bard references To Be or Not to Be "" life but a poor player .... what your bard's most valuable script- chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

sampler from creative youth olympiads of summer 2015 futurecapitalism.tv

Monday, December 31, 2018

ai and big data unicorns

update summer 2020

351 -86 Kabbage 1 0 USA Atlanta Artificial Intelligence 2009 Kathryn Petralia, Marc Gorlin, Rob Frohwein BlueRun Ventures, Mohr Davidow Ventures, Thomvest Ventures, Guggenheim Securities, SoftBank, Reverence Capital Partners, Credit Suisse  
155 110 OneTrust 2.5 1.5 USA Atlanta Artificial Intelligence 2016 Kabir Barday Insight Partners  
35 8 SenseTime 7 0 China Beijing Artificial Intelligence 2014 Tang Xiaoou, Xu Li, Xu Bing, Wang Xiaogang  CDH Investments, IDG Capital, CICC  
351 -87 Geo 1 0 China Beijing Artificial Intelligence 2012 Cui Jingjing  GSR Ventures, Sina, AsiaInfo  
351 -87 G7 1 0 China Beijing Artificial Intelligence 2011 Di Xuehun  Hopu Investment Management, Matrix Partners China, Tencent  
351 New Wecash 1 New China Beijing Artificial Intelligence 2014 Zhi Zhengchun  IDG Capital, SIG, China Merchants Venture  
351 -87 Unisound   1 0 China Beijing Artificial Intelligence 2012 Huang Wei, Liang Jiadong, Li Xiaohan, Kang Heng  Qiming Venture Partners, Qualcomm  
169 -31 Cambricon 2 0 China Beijing Artificial Intelligence 2016 Chen Tianshi  SDIC, Alibaba, Lenovo Capital  
256 -32 Moviebook 1.5 0 China Beijing Artificial Intelligence 2009 Ji Xiaochen  Sense Time, Softbank China, Yao Capital  
108 156 Mininglamp 3 2 China Beijing Artificial Intelligence 2014 Wu Minghui, Feng Shicong  Sequoia Capital China, Share Capital  
70 -13 Megvii 4 0 China Beijing Artificial Intelligence 2011 Yin Qi, Tang Wenbin, Yang Mu Sinovation Ventures, Qiming Venture Partners, Legend Star, CCB International, Ant Financial, GGV Capital  
351 -87 4paradigm 1 0 China Beijing Artificial Intelligence 2015 Dai Wenyuan, Chen Yuqiang, Hu Shiwei, Wu Ming, Yang Qiang  Sinovation Ventures, Sequoia Capital China, CRHC, Tus-Holdings  
351 -87 Momenta 1 0 China Beijing Artificial Intelligence 2016 Cao Xudong  Sinovation Ventures, Tencent, ZhenFund, Shunwei, GGV Capital  
351 New Cloudminds 1 New China Beijing Artificial Intelligence 2015 Huang Xiaoqing, Zhang Zhe Softbank China, Foxconn  
108 -24 Horizon Robotics 3 0 China Beijing Artificial Intelligence 2015 Yu Kai, Fang Yi, Huang Chang, Yang Ming, Tao Feiwen ZhenFund, Sequoia Capital China, Hillhouse Capital, Sinovation Ventures, Morningside  
251 New wefox Group 1.8 New Germany Berlin Artificial Intelligence 2015 Dario Fazlic, Fabian Wesemann, Jonathan Seoane, Julian Teicke, Teodoro Martino OMERS Ventures, Merian Chrysalis, Samsung Catalyst Fund, Mundi Ventures, Mubadala Ventures, CreditEase, Target Global, Salesforce Ventures, Seedcamp, Idinvest  
351 -86 DataRobot 1 0 USA Boston Artificial Intelligence 2012 Jeremy Achin, Thomas DeGodoy New Enterprise Associates, Meritech Capital Partners, Sapphire Ventures  
169 -31 Graphcore 2 0 UK Bristol Artificial Intelligence 2016 Nigel Toon, Simon Knowles Amadeus Capital Partners, Atomico, Sequoia, BMW i Ventures, Robert Bosch Venture Capital , Microsoft, Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center  
169 -31 Darktrace 2 0 UK Cambridge Artificial Intelligence 2013 Poppy Gustafsson, Nicole Eagan, Jack Stockdale, Dave Palmer, Emily Orton Invoke Capital Partners, KKR, Summit Partners  
169 -31 Uptake Technologies 2 0 USA Chicago Artificial Intelligence 2014 Bradley Keywell Caterpillar Ventures, GreatPoint Ventures, Revolution, Baillie Gifford  
256 New Terminus 1.5 New China Chongqing Artificial Intelligence 2015 Ai Yu  IDG Capital, JD, China Everbright Group, SenseTime  
96 169 Root Insurance 3.5 2.5 USA Columbus Artificial Intelligence 2015 Alex Timm, Dan Manges Drive Capital, Ribbit Capital, Redpoint, Tiger Global Management  
351 New PlusAI 1 New USA Cupertino Artificial Intelligence 2016 David Liu, Hao Zheng, Shawn Kerrigan, Tim Daly Sequoia, GSR Ventures  
108 -24 Zoox 3 0 USA Foster City Artificial Intelligence 2014 Jesse Levinson, Tim Kentley-Klay DFJ, Lux Capital, Blackbird Ventures (Australia), Thomas Tull, Grok Ventures  
108 30 Pony.ai 3 1 USA Fremont  Artificial Intelligence 2016 James Peng, Lou Tiancheng  Legend Capital, ClearVue Partners , Kunlun, Morningside Venture Capital, Eight Roads Ventures  
108 -24 Cloudwalk 3 0 China Guangzhou Artificial Intelligence 2015 Zhou Xi, Wen Hao, Yao Zhiqiang  Shunwei, Oriza, Qianhai Xingwang  
256 -32 TuyaSmart 1.5 0 China Hangzhou Artificial Intelligence 2014 Wang Xueji, Lin Yaona, Chen Peihong, Yang Yi CBC, CICC  
35 -1 Argo AI  7 0 USA Harrisburg Artificial Intelligence 2016 Bryan Salesky, Peter Rander Volkswagen, Ford  
351 New HighRadius 1 New USA Houston Artificial Intelligence 2006 Sashi Narahari Susquehanna Growth Equity, Citi Ventures, ICONIQ Capital  
351 -86 OrCam Technologies 1 0 Israel Jerusalem Artificial Intelligence 2010 Amnon Shashua, Ziv Aviram Clal Insurance Enterprises Holdings , Meitav Investment House, Intel Capital  
351 -213 BenevolentAI 1 -1 UK London Artificial Intelligence 2013 Brent Gutekunst, Ivan Griffin, Ken Mulvany, Michael Brennan Woodford Investment Management, Temasek Holdings  
345 New SentinelOne 1.1 New USA Mountain View Artificial Intelligence 2013 Almog Cohen, Ehud Shamir, Tomer Weingarten Granite Hill Capital Partners, Data Collective, Tiger Global Management, Qualcomm Ventures, Samsung Ventures  
35 -1 UiPath 7 0 USA New York Artificial Intelligence 2005 Daniel Dines, Marius Tirca Earlybird Venture Capital, Capital G, Sequoia, Coatue Management, Accel  
351 -86 Zeta Global 1 0 USA New York Artificial Intelligence 2007 David A. Steinberg, John Sculley GPI Capital, GSO Capital Partners  
169 -31 Dataminr 2 0 USA New York Artificial Intelligence 2009 Jeff Kinsey, Theodore Bailey IVP (Institutional Venture Partners), Venrock, Fidelity  
351 New Sisense 1 New USA New York Artificial Intelligence 2004 Adi Azaria, Aviad Harell, Elad Israeli, Eldad Farkash, Guy Boyangu Opus Capital, Genesis Partners, Battery Ventures, Insight Partners, Bessemer Venture Partners  
351 New Anduril 1 New USA Orange Artificial Intelligence 2017 Brian Schimpf, Joseph Chen, Matt Grimm, Palmer Luckey, Trae Stephens Andreessen Horowitz, Founders Fund, Revolution Ventures  
155 -17 Aurora 2.5 0.5 USA Palo Alto Artificial Intelligence 2016 Chris Urmson, J. Andrew Bagnell, Sterling Anderson Greylock Partners, Sequoia, Hyundai Motor Company, Index Ventures  
155 New SambaNova Systems 2.5 New USA Palo Alto Artificial Intelligence 2017 Kunle Olukotun, Rodrigo Liang Intel Capital, GV, Walden International, Atlantic Bridge, BlackRock  
35 -1 Uber ATG  7 0 USA Pittsburgh Artificial Intelligence 2015 Uber Technologies Denso, Softbank, Toyota Motor Corporation  
256 -118 InsideSales.com  1.5 -0.5 USA Provo Artificial Intelligence 2004 David Elkington, Ken Krogue, Rob Christensen Polaris Partners, US Venture Partners, Salesforce Ventures  
351 New COSMOPlat 1 New China Qingdao Artificial Intelligence 2017 Chen Lucheng  CCT Fund,  Chengding Investment,  CMSC  
345 New Coveo 1.1 New Canada Quebec Artificial Intelligence 2005 Laurent Simoneau, Marc Sanfacon, Richard Tessier Fonds de Solidarite FTQ, Propulsion Ventures, BDC Venture Capital, OMERS Growth Equity  
169 96 C3 2 1 USA Redwood City Artificial Intelligence 2009 Patricia House, Thomas Siebel TPG Growth, Breyer Capital  
351 -86 TuSimple  1 0 USA San Diego  Artificial Intelligence 2015 Hao Jianan, Chen Mo, Hou Xiaodi Sina, Composite Capital Management, CDH Investments  
351 New Scale AI 1 New USA San Francisco Artificial Intelligence 2016 Alexandr Wang Accel, Index Ventures, Founders Fund  
351 -86 Clover Health 1 0 USA San Francisco Artificial Intelligence 2013 Kris Gale, Vivek Garipalli First Round Capital, Sequoia, Greenoaks Capital  
351 New Grammarly 1 New USA San Francisco Artificial Intelligence 2009 Alex Shevchenko, Dmytro Lider, Max Lytvyn General Catalyst, Institutional Venture Partners, Breyer Capital  
108 -24 Nuro   3 0 USA San Francisco Artificial Intelligence 2016 Dave Ferguson, Jiajun Zhu Softbank, Gaorong Capital, Greylock Partners.  
351 -86 Talkdesk 1 0 USA San Francisco Artificial Intelligence 2011 Cristina Fonseca, Tiago Paiva Viking Global Investors, Storm Ventures, Salesforce Ventures  
167 New Checkr 2.2 New USA San Francisco Artificial Intelligence 2014 Daniel Yanisse, Jonathan Perichon Y Combinator, Accel, T. Rowe Price, IVP (Institutional Venture Partners)  
35 49 Automation Anywhere 7 4 USA San Jose Artificial Intelligence 2003 Ankur Kothari, Mihir Shukla, Neeti Mehta Goldman Sachs, SoftBank, Workday Ventures  
351 -86 SoundHound 1 0 USA Santa Clara Artificial Intelligence 2005 James Hom, Keyvan Mohajer, Majid Emami Nvidia GPU Ventures, Tencent Holdings, Walden Venture Capital  
351 -87 Banma 1 0 China Shanghai Artificial Intelligence 2015 Hao Fei  SDIC, YF Capital, Shang Qi Capital  
169 -31 YITU 2 0 China Shanghai Artificial Intelligence 2012 Zhu Long, Lin Chenxi YF Capital, Sequoia Capital China, ZhenFund,  Hillhouse Capital  
351 -87 Mobvoi 1 0 China Shanghai Artificial Intelligence 2012 Li Zhifei  ZhenFund, Sequoia Capital China, SIG  
351 -87 Orbbec 1 0 China Shenzhen Artificial Intelligence 2013 Huang Yuanhao  Ant Financial, SAIF, Green Pine Capital Partners  
o New Trax 1.3 New Singapore Singapore Artificial Intelligence 2010 Dror Feldheim, Joel Bar-El Hopu Investment Management, Boyu Capital, DC Thomson Ventures, Warburg Pincus  
247 18 ThoughtSpot  2 1 USA Sunnyvale Artificial Intelligence 2012 Abhishek Rai, Ajeet Singh, Amit Prakash, Priyendra Deshwal, Sanjay Agrawal, Shashank Gupta, Vijay Ganesan Silver Lake Waterman, Lightspeed, Sapphire, Geodesic, Future Fund, Khosla Ventures, General Catalyst  
169 -31 Quanergy Systems 2 0 USA Sunnyvale Artificial Intelligence 2012 Louay Eldada, Yu Tianyue Wicklow Capital, Motus Ventures, Wardenclyffe Partners  
351 New o9 Solutions 1 New USA Texas Artificial Intelligence 2009 Chakri Gottemukkala, Sanjiv S. Sidhu KKR  
169 -31 Preferred Networks 2 0 Japan Tokyo Artificial Intelligence 2014 Daisuke Okanohara, Toru Nishikawa Toyota Motor Corporation  
169 -31 Afiniti 2 0 USA Washington DC Artificial Intelligence 2006 Zia Chishti Daniel Klueger, Global Asset Management  
154 New VistaJet 2.7 New Malta Malta Aviation 2004 Thomas Flohr Credit Suisse, Rhone Capital  
345 New Wheels Up 1.1 New USA New York Aviation 2013 Bill Allard, Gary Spitalnik, Justin Firestone, Kenny Dichter Fidelity Management and Research Company, Franklin Templeton Investments  
256 New Brewdog 1.5 New UK Ellon Beer 2007 James Watt, Martin Dickie TSG Consumer Partners  
351 -87 Linkdoc 1 0 China Beijing Big Data 2014 Zhang Tianze  CIC  
351 -87 Jusfoun 1 0 China Beijing Big Data 2010 Wang Sanshou  IDG Capital, ChinaEquity Group  
351 -87 TalkingData 1 0 China Beijing Big Data 2011 Cui Xiaobo  Softbank China, Milestone Capital, Northern Light  
169 -31 Mu Sigma 2 0 India Bengaluru Big Data 2004 Dhiraj C Rajaram Sequoia, General Atlantic, MasterCard  
351 -86 Tresata 1 0 USA Charlotte Big Data 2011 Abhishek Virendra Mehta, Richard Morris GCP Capital Partners  
256 -32 Panshi 1.5 0 China Hangzhou Big Data 2004 Tian Ning  Cybernaut, Hana Financial, CCB Trust  
70 68 Zume 4 2 USA Mountain View Big Data 2015 Alex Garden, Julia Collins SignalFire, AME Cloud Ventures, SoftBank  
155 110 Celonis 2.5 1.5 Germany Munich Big Data 2011 Alexander Rinke, Bastian Nominacher, Martin Klenk 83North, Accel  
256 New Dataiku 1.5 New USA New York Big Data 2013 ClĂ©ment Stenac, Florian Douetteau, Marc Batty, Thomas Cabrol Alven Capital, FirstMark Capital, CapitalG  
351 -86 Collibra 1 0 USA New York Big Data 2008 Felix Van De Maele, Pieter De Leenheer, Stijn Christiaens Newion Investments, Index Ventures, ICONIQ Capital, Battery Ventures, CapitalG  
351 New VAST Data 1 New USA New York Big Data 2016 Jeff Denworth, Renen Hallak, Shachar Fienblit Next47, 83North, Commonfund Capital, Dell Technologies Capital, Goldman Sachs, Greenfield Partners, Mellanox Capital, Norwest Venture Partners  
10 5 Palantir Technologies 26 11 USA Palo Alto Big Data 2004 Alexander Karp, Garry Tan, Joe Lonsdale, Nathan Gettings, Peter Thiel, Stephen Cohen Founders Fund, Kortschak Investments  
351 -86 Sumo Logic 1 0 USA Redwood City Big Data 2010 Christian Beedgen Greylock Partners, Accel, Sequoia, DFJ Growth, Sapphire Ventures, Battery Ventures  
351 New MarkLogic 1 New USA San Carlos Big Data 2001 Christopher Lindblad, Frank R. Caufield, Paul Pedersen Sequoia, Wellington Management,  Northgate Capital, Tenaya Capital, Gary Bloom  
256 -118 Segment 1.5 -0.5 USA San Francisco Big Data 2011 Calvin French-Owen, Ian Storm Taylor, Ilya Volodarsky, Peter Reinhardt Accel, Thrive Capital, GV, Meritech Capital Partners, Y Combinator  
49 35 Databricks 6 3 USA San Francisco Big Data 2013 Ali Ghodsi, Andy Konwinski, Ion Stoica, Matei Zaharia, Patrick Wendell, Reynold Xin, Scott Shenker Andreessen Horowitz, New Enterprise Associates  
17 41 Snowflake Computing 13 9 USA San Mateo Big Data 2012 Thierry Cruanes, Marcin Zukowski, Benoit Dageville Sutter Hill Ventures, Redpoint Ventures, Altimeter Capital, ICONIQ Capital, Sequoia  
351 -87 DotC United 1 0 China Shanghai Big Data 2015 Shi Yi  Gaorong Capital, Lightspeed China Partners, Morningside  
351 -87 Huayun 1 0 China Wuxi Big Data 2010 Xu Guangbin  SIG, Intel Capital, HTCC  
256 -32 Chindata 1.5 0 China Zhangjiakou Big Data 2015 Ju Jing  Bain Capital